Friday, February 10, 2012


The EMP (Experience the Music Project) and SFM (Science Fiction Museum) are probably the biggest waste of space in the Seattle area. I have suspected this for a while, but last week my suspicions were concluded to be very true when Sam and I spent the day there with my parents.

Now, don't get me wrong. We had a lot of fun. We just won't be going back any time soon.

There are definitely some cool exhibits in the museum. For instance, the instrument cyclone....
...and the Nirvana room. David and I have something special, you wouldn't understand.
Sam enjoyed the recording rooms. He and Bub made some rock and roll together.
At the end of our music tour, we signed up to be on stage as a band. We named ourselves The Allen Wrenches (family joke) and played to a digital crowd. Sam ROCKED the drums :)
The Science Fiction center is hosting an Avatar exhibit. It was actually pretty neat. This is Sam and Grandma attracting the Woodsprites.
Again, we had a good time but it was not worth the $20 a pop admission fee. So save yourselves the cash and try out another activity in the city.

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Colton said...

I really like the EMP for the roughly 30 minutes that it took me to walk through the whole thing. Fortunately for me, admission to EMP and the Needle were included with my fish-nerd conference registration. I wouldn't have shelled out the 20 bones, either. I'm just not that much of a music fan.