Friday, February 27, 2009

BIG News

I had a Doctors appointment on Wednesday to go over the ultrasound pictures that we had last week. There have been a few concerns that they were looking into such as my fibroids and the baby's heart. I was told that they couldn't find the fibroids (good news) and that the heart is functioning properly (also very good news).

Then the Dr informed me that our baby is in the 90th percentile for size! He is almost 5lbs already, which is a whole pound heavier than most in-utero babies his age. The other "wonderful" news that he gave me was that fetus's DOUBLE in size in the last 4 weeks. I have 7 more to go. Awesome.

I had a pretty good idea that we were going to be dealing with a large baby since Matt was close to 10lbs at delivery, and I was a large 8lbs. I am so happy that he is growing well, gaining strength and size and that we have no big concerns at this time. However, I was hoping for an easy and short labor, but I am guessing that is now out of the picture. :)

Here are our stats today:

His Heart Rate: 175 (he was active at the time of reading)
My Weight: 147lbs
My size: 38cm (most women are equal to the amount of weeks they are. I should be around 32cm. But since Im carrying the Hulk...)

Also, we started our birthing class this week. It is definitely an interesting group of people, but we have already learned a lot. My homework assignments this week are to find 2 cd's to practice relaxing to, kegel exercises and find a focal point to assist me during delivery. (A picture, stuffed animal, etc.) Matt loved learning about how to time contractions, and that in the delivery room, the "Coach" is in charge. We'll see how that goes when the time comes :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I want...

...a mattress with a hole in it so that I can lay on my stomach. I am so tired of trying to sleep on my left side.

...a hair cut. Just a trim since its a really bad idea to make any drastic physical changes while pregnant. My body is doing a nice enough job of that on its own. Maternity jeans. I have been putting this off because I hate spending money on maternity clothes, but Sarah got me a gift certificate to Old Navy, so the time is now. I hate this economy and its horrible timing. 1 million dollars will do.

...a Mango-Mantra smoothie from Jamba Juice sounds so good right now. I wish I had money. (see above) use all of my new camera equipment. The weather has been perfect, but I haven't had any sessions for a while. I am dying for some new pictures. baby already. I am getting so anxious to meet him, but I know he has quite a bit more growing to do.

...a vacation.

...the gray, black and yellow Dwell bedspread I found for our guest bedroom/office. Love it.

...clear and clean sinuses. I feel like I have had a stuffy nose this entire year.

...bigger cars and cheaper gas. My Jetta and I have been in a fight for 3 years now. We need to call it quits, and move on.

...Matt's knee to be un-injured. Having two young and capable people wobbling around the house like a couple in their 80's is just sad.

Thank you for tuning in while I released my inner brat. I realize that I am lucky to have everything I need, but I felt so inclined to vent aboout my many wants.

Over and out.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dinner Out

Last night I got to have dinner with Kathryn and Samantha, two girls that I went to High School with. Sam and her husband live close, but Kathryn and her family are in town visiting from Kentucky. It was so fun to see all of them, and I cant wait to hang out again soon!

The whole group after dessert.
Kathryn and Tim Burton
Brent and Sam Anderson
and us. Matt LOVES to mess with my pictures without my knowledge. Here he has put cake in his teeth. Thanks baby.

31 week utrasound

We got to see our little boy in action on Wednesday. He was awake and active for his photo shoot, and this time my mom got to sit in on it.

The Dr was checking his position and the size of my fibroids. They also did a lot of baby measurements, but I haven't heard from the hospital yet to hear if everything is normal. No news is good news right?

Here he is from the front! Although they always look a little creepy in ultrasounds, I LOVE that little face. I think that in this picture, he looks a little like Matt did as a baby. Do you see a resemblance?

When he finally moved his hands away from his face he started making funny expressions. Here he is blowing bubbles.I count 5 toes! He has his Grandpa Aprecio's wide feet :)

I cant wait to see how closely he resembles his pre-born pictures. He will be changing a LOT in the next 2 months, so we'll see soon enough!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Big Lebowski Party


Shannon Hunnex as "The Jesus"
Tyler Hunnex as "Donny"
Marion Bulger as "The Dream"
and Scott Bulger as "Walter"Guest stars include Holly and Matthew Aprecio as "The Little Urban Achievers"
with Shannon and Holly also playing the part of "Maude"

Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Special Olympics Bowling

The season has ended but not without lots of fun times!

Check out all the great pictures here.

Monday, February 02, 2009

10 to Go.

I am starting to feel the downs of pregnancy, but I still wouldn't change anything. Our little boy is a very active baby already and I am constantly feeling him kick, punch and stretch (and he honestly just karate chopped my rib). Getting comfortable is starting to get really hard, and my previously broken tailbone is giving me a lot of trouble.
However, it is so great to be a part of this and I am getting so excited to meet him! At my last Dr.'s appointment, these were our stats:
His heart rate: 147
My tummy size: 34cm
My weight: 147 (17 pounds gained during pregnancy so far.)
I gained a little more last month than the Dr wanted me to, but its good to finally have my appetite back...with a vengeance. I am REALLY loving desserts right now, which is weird for me since I am not a sweets person. But I don't mind! I just hope I don't blow up in the next 3 months eating as much as I do.
Our nursery is coming along nicely, and hopefully I will have pictures to post of it soon. I really hoping that he isn't fearful of owls because they are all over his room...
And last but not least, a funny picture of my daily view :)

See ya in a few more pounds!

Super Bowl Sunday

My parents (and the dogs!) joined us this year to watch the Super Bowl. I am from Arizona, so I was excited to watch the Cardinals win...or not. :( We ate burgers and junky snacks and the dogs had their usual play time. We also got to watch a few of the commercials in 3D. We all felt pretty cool. Even Brimley got in on the action.
We were all pretty upset about the loss, but we had a good time anyway!

Vashon Island

My little Brother Cory and his girlfriend just moved out to Vashon in a little cabin over looking the ocean. I took the ferry across the Sound to visit him on Tuesday, but I didnt realize it was going to be foggy all day so I didnt get to see the awesome views from the Island.
However, I had fun visiting with Cory while the dogs had fun romping around the house. The cabin will be a fun place to visit once the summer hits.