Monday, April 30, 2007

1 Year Anniversary!

Matt and I had our 1 year wedding anniversary last night, and since it was a Sunday we spent it over at my parents house eating cake that was preserved from the wedding. Suprisingly it tasted pretty good still! I cant belive its been a year already, this year went by so fast.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is he gay?

We noticed Armani sitting with his legs crossed last night, and we have to wonder. I guess I deserve a gay cat since I did name him after a fasion designer :) Or, maybe hes just "Metro"?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Back to New York

Matt and I are finally taking a trip to New York City in a little over a month! I am so excited!! I havent been back since I moved here, so I am thrilled to see how its changed, and show Matt around my favorite city. This is one of my favorite pictures from a day I spent in Central park years ago.

The Guitar wall

My dad always had guitars around, and I would sneak into the music room and play around on them when he wasnt home. When my art teacher in High School found out that I wrote music, but didnt have my own guitar, she gave me an old one of hers. I played it until I had enough money to buy a nice acoustic/electric. A pretty blue one that ended up getting smashed to peices on an airplane ride. When I moved to Kirkland, and met Matt, he bought me a used guitar from a friend. Then for Christmas my dad got me a beautiful electric Ibanez that sounds amazing. When Matt and I got married, his guitar joined my two so we had to make a guitar wall! Its the first thing everyone notices when they come into our home, and it really is fun to have. I just wish it wasnt so hard for me to take them off the wall and play a little more often :)


Courtney, Matt and I went shopping around Seattle this weekend. Courtney found these hats and wanted me to take pictures of us wearing them. We sure look good!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Kids

"Peace out, dudes." -Aubrey

Matt and I went to the Dillons this week to see the kids and get our taxes done on Melissas computer. I had a fun time taking pictures with the kids (although it was a lot of work trying to keep them still for one!), and Matt had an even better time playing dress up with the girls. Dana is turning 1 tomorrow, and Laurel and Aubrey age another year on the 3rd of May. They have grown so much since I nannied for them in New York. When I moved there Aubrey was only 3 months old.

Almost a year

I cant believe that Matthew and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary. It went by so fast! We have done so much in this year such as vacationing to the Eastern Carribbean, Arizona, Vancouver Canada, California and Camping in Oregon. Matt was able to buy his dream car (2007 Subaru STI) and I started my own design business. We are happy, healthy and still as in love as the day we went to the Temple. GO US!

Autumns B-Day

Dawns daughter Autumn turned 2 last night, and Kathryn (Salmon) Burton and I went after church. It was an interesting crowd, but a lot of fun. Autumn got so many gifts! She is spoiled by many. Kathryn brought her little boy (9 months) Tyler, and Autumn could not get enough of him. She kept giving him toys to play with and lots of hugs and kisses!Matt and I bought Autumn a bunch of fun bath toys, bubbles, crayons and foam letters to play with. Dawn said she would have a great time with them.

Close Ups

Matthew discovered a setting on my digital camera that gives you the choice to manually focus the lens which allows the camera to take really close up pictures. I have been having a lot of fun with this feature!
You can see Matts sister Shauna in the reflection of his eye. I love this picture!

I love my kitties!

Princess and Armani

I dont have kids yet, so my pets get spoiled!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Touring Seattle

Saturday, after I got off of work with Courtney, I met my brother Cory and our cousins to hang out in the city. We drove up Queen Anne to Kerry Park where there is an awesome view of Seattle. I love the park, and it was fun to be there and get some pictures with my little brother. He has been living in Utah for the last year, so we havent hung out together in a long time.
After the park, we headed down to the Space Needle. We took the elevator up and walked around the viewing deck. I didnt get many pictures of my cousins because "It was windy and their hair was messy". So I took more of Cory and I.
Easter morning my family came to our ward because it started earlier than theirs, and my cousins were leaving that afternoon to fly home. After church we had a nice ham dinner, and strawberries for dessert. My mom insisted on some family photos in the front yard.

Family Fun Center

My cousins Serena and Samantha were in town from AZ for Easter, so Friday night we all got together and went down to Tukwilla to the Family Fun Center. ( I like that in this picture I am more tan than 2 girls who live in sun!) We raced the go Karts a couple times, and then rode a huge swinging ride that was so much fun! We got there right before they closed so we didnt get to play arcade games or laser tag.

This is a shot of Matt and Shauna as the ride is beginning. They had already started screaming!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Sushi" the office fish

I got a betta fish for my desk at work, and I designed a really neat tank/vase for him. Im really proud of my work :) First I bought the plant called a "peace lily" or "white flag". Its safe for the fish and it can live in the water. Then I found a vase that was large enough to hold the plant roots while allowing swim room for the betta. To hold the plant up, I used a slurpee lid from 711. Trashy I know, but it works perfectly! Sushu loves his little home, and he can hid in the roots and even eat them. So far its been a big hit here at the office. Lets hope Sushi and his plant thrive!

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Seattle Aquarium

This weekend Matt and I took Courtney to the Seattle Aquarium. It was a cold rainey day, but luckily most of the exhibits are indoors. We got to see lots of fish, and otters, and seals and even a few sharks. Courtney especially loved touching the sea stars.
Then we walked down on the waterfront to the "Ye Olde Curiosity Shop" where we played around with all the weird trinkets and antiquities that they have. Its a really neat store with real mummies and animal wonders like the two headed pig and jackalopes.