Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sam and his "gike"

I'm not sure who had more fun tonight. Matt and I teaching Sam how to pedal, or Sam learning how to ride his bike? Either way, it was some very valuable family time.

Ah, that dimple. Melts me every time.
 Sam realized pretty quickly that it was hilarious to chase mommy.
This is the face that I get when I ask for a smile. :)

Sam is growing up so quickly. Its so great to see him learn and grow every day. He is still the sweetest little boy and loves to cuddle, gives kisses and hugs and sign "I love you". We are so proud to be his parents.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just sit right back...

...and you'll hear a tale.

On Friday we were invited to join my parents on a boat ride through Lake Washington. Carl, a friend of my Dads, just bought a new boat and wanted to show it off and let us have some fun.

Sam woke up that morning talking about boats and water and fish so we knew this would be an exciting adventure for him.

What we didn't know was that the excitement would only last about 30 minutes in to our 4 hour trip. After a while he grew extremely tired of the life vest he was required to wear and got bored with all the sights. Good thing Carl's boat had cable!
 Sam would occasionally come up to see what we adults were up to.
The best part of the ride was checking out all of the amazing houses on the water.
 Thank you Carl for the fun boat ride!

Bub's 50th

We celebrated my Dad (or "Bub" as Sam calls him) turning 50 with tons of good friends and lots of ice cream cake.
We all met up at Big Daddy's where Bub was set to have a show.

The turn out was awesome, and the music rocked. Sam danced the night away with some of his favorite people.

Monday, August 08, 2011

We like chicks

We are watching some baby chickens for our friends this week and we are loving it. Sam asks to go out and see "baby nin-icks" at least 5 times a day.
The have 6 different breeds and the funniest one is the Naked Neck. No, this chick is not sick or diseased. Its really supposed to be bald like that. The funniest thing is that when we open the garage door in the morning this silly face is the first thing we see poking out of the tub. She's so hilarious.
They will be going home tomorrow and we will surely miss having babies around! Our girls grew up way to fast, and although we are still loving them, I wish they stayed this cute and cuddly forever.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I have been busy.

Since the sun has finally arrived here in Washington, I feel like I have been shooting non-stop. Family photoshoots during the week and weddings on the weekends. I am extremely thankful for the work that I am getting, especially since its our main income right now, but its a hard shift from being a stay at home mom with a hobby to a full time photographer.

Matt is still looking for work. He has had some really great interviews that we have been really positive about that have fallen through. Its a really rough emotional rollercoaster.

Sam, is Sam. He is growing big and strong and getting cuter and smarter every day. We can't get enough of him. He saw his first 3D movie this week and he was amazing. We are constantly impressed with how well behaved Sam is.

I had a photoshoot at my home a week ago and Sam got to sit in for a little while. When I asked the little girl who I was shooting to pose for me, Sam would copy her every move. BTW- His shirt says "Spoiled by Grandma and loving it." A gift from my Aunt. Thanks Auntie Em!
Well, time to get back to photo editing and diaper changes :)