Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brad Paisley

This weekend Mom and I got to attend the Brad Paisley concert at the Tacoma Dome. It was amazing. Brad goes all out when it comes to his shows. The visual effects were awesome and of course the music was great as well.
On our way to the concert, Mom got a tip from a friend that there was a big surprise happening at the show. So we were anticipating something huge.

When Brad started to sing his famous duet "Whiskey Lullaby" I about peed my pants at the idea that Allison Krauss may come out and sing it with him. I was VERY disappointed when the lead singer from the opening band, The Band Perry, came out to sing Allison's part.

Whaaa, whaaa.

A few songs later he started into the song "Remind Me", which is a song he sings with Carrie Underwood. When the lights came up, there she was singing next to Brad!!

Everyone was freaking out and so excited to see her at the show.

Come to find out, it was a freakin' hologram!! Mom and I figured it out after we started to question a few things like, "why did she tour with him for only 1 song?" and "why did she say up on that riser instead of come down and sing it next to Brad?" After we googled our doubts, we felt pretty duped that we had freaked out over a stinkin' projection.
Darn you and your trickery, Brad! I guess we should have figured it out sooner since the tour was titled "Virtual Reality."

Even though we were deceived, we had a blast and came out loving Brad more than before.
I'm a little bit country!!


Colton said...

Wow, he is pretty high tech for a country singing redneck. Although I must admit that Brad Paisley is one of very few modern country artists that I really like.

Brad Paisley tickets said...

Brad is good..saw him at SC of course. I love his OLD stuff...his new corny lyrics just rub me wrong and have to change the channel when it comes on. tickets are cheaper than others.. This seems to be with many artists these days...such as Toby, Garth etc...new sucks...OLD kicks arse.