Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Auntie Shannon

This is Shannon.We have been bff's since high school. See?
We are always there for each other. From weddings to kayaking adventures and late night/early morning baby deliveries.
Shannon is the type of friend that even if we haven't seen each other in a while, when we do get together its as though no time has passed at all.

This weekend Shannon called to inform me that she would be showing at the Evergreen Fairgrounds. So, Sam and I packed up the car and headed into Monroe to support Auntie Shannon and her pony, Decker. They did so great. They placed with 2 seconds and 1 first.After her show she took Sam around and introduced him to all the other horses. He loved it. I was happy to be able to go see Shannon and it was fun to get together and be our normal, immature selves. I mean, we really haven't changed that much since High School :)Its no wonder we are still so close.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a little less LOST

4 years ago a friend accidentally left his binder of DVD's in our home. Matt and I noticed the first 2 seasons of a show commonly referred to as "extremely addicting" and plugged it into the xbox.

That is where we LOST our social lives. We stayed up until early hours of the morning cramming episode after episode into any waking hour we could. We were addicts with an accessible fix at our remote-glued-fingertips.

Last night, the 6 year run of LOST ended with touching moments, a bit of sadness and TONS of unanswered questions. But, Ill ask the questions later and give a short synopsis of what I think the island was really about.

In my opinion (which is really nothing to value considering I am just like all the other "Losties") everything really happened. It was not a dream conjured up by Hurley, or a type of purgatory meant to allow the survivors to redeem their mistake filled lives. The Man in Black and Jacob were really born on the island. The DHARMA initiative was built and destroyed by The Others. Flight 815 really did crash on the island and brought with it the people that we became so attached to. They lived and died on the island.

After a confusing chain of events leaves the island with the ability to time travel, we have what are referred to as "flash sideways." This is where we start to see what would have happened had the plane made it to LA, or even further back, had curtain things not happened with the DHARMA Initiative in the 1970's. We see our survivors living lives that only slightly mirror the lives they lived pre-crash. These views are the one thing I don't believe are really happening.

My thought is that these are the "dream" lives that the survivors have always wished for.

Jack is a successful surgeon with a more positive take on life.

Kate is innocent and free.

James is in law enforcement where he can put men like the con man "Sawyer" behind bars.

Hurley is rich, lucky and happy.

Locke is engaged to Helen and is able to walk again.

The list goes on.

So, while the Oceanic Six try and keep the island from being destroyed by the smoke monster, their "fantasy lives" live on as happy, successful people. Its only when they meet familiar faces that they realize and remember who they really are. "Lost" souls making their way through unfortunate events.

When Jack is finally convinced to come to the church, he encounters his dead father who tells him that he himself has passed on, and that everyone who is waiting for him in the church has either died or is going to die (as we all do) as well. This is when he reunites with all of the people he lived and loved on the island. Christian explains that they are all finally "ready" to move on.

Only when Jack excepts his fate do we see him content and ready to die in the place where he started his life on the island. Then, next to Vincent in the bamboo fields, he passes on.

From here we are left to wonder so many things that will now, never be answered. What is Hurley left to protect? Why was it necessary for Desmond to type the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 into a computer? Why did Richard Alpert only age once the island was being demolished? Who is Charles Widmor, and why did he want to destroy the island? And of course, WHAT IS the island?

According to Jacob in the episode called "Ab Aeterno", the island is like a cork in a jug of wine. The wine inside of the bottle represents the evil that without the cork, would be spilling out into the world. When we see Jack in the last minutes of his life on the island, he is placing a cork-like structure into a hole of glowing red light. Could he be closing off the "gates of hell"?

This is my only guess as to what the island is. The "mouth" or entry way to Hell. A place where only the Smoke Monster/Man in Black was able to escape before the rock was removed. This doesn't explain the magnetic powers, or the mysterious ability to disappear. Again, so many things we will never know.

Last night I fully expected the finale to leave me completely confused and frustrated. And it did. However, it also left me with some satisfaction, love and respect for the series. There was so much left unanswered and plenty of pointless episodes and side-stories, but I don't regret becoming totally enveloped in the drama and completely LOST for 6 years.

But, like our friends Kate, James, Jack, Locke and so many others, its time to move on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunny days and warm nights

The last few days were perfect. A nice warm 72 degrees and lots of sun with a touch of puffy clouds for character. I loved every moment of it. The only problem with nice days is that I want to be outside which keeps things from getting done inside.

The first thing I did on Wednesday morning was go buy Sam a pool. I brought it home and filled it with luke-warm water from our heated hose, and plopped him in it with a few toys. (actually bowls and cups which are far more entertaining for Sam.) The pool was the best $8 I ever spent. He stayed in there for a good hour, just pouring water in and out of cups and splashing around. When a neighbor would walk by he would yell at them and start to show off.
During play time I was able to weed a little and relax on the porch swing. We both got a good amount of sun and burned a lot of energy on our first "summer-like" day. When Sam was finally finished in the water, he crawled around (wet) in the dirt and up the front steps. He loves knocking on the door so that he can hear the dogs barking. What a ham.
1 hour of pool time equaled 2 hours of a nap which was wonderful for me. I was able to lay out in the yard a little on my own, play with my neglected puppies and get a few things cleaned up. Days like today remind me that summer time is on its way! I couldn't be more excited.

With hot days come warm nights, and Matt and I love to be outside on nights like that. So, we mentioned to a few of our friends that we would be out front roasting marshmallows if any one was interested in stopping by.

We didn't expect such a great turn out since it was a last minute invitation , but our friends are just as spontaneous as we are.
While all the boys played in the yard, Matt passed out home-made elephant ears. (We were watching a discovery channel special on Elephants when Matt announced that he was going to attempt frying up some yummy fair food :) They were a huge hit.
It was a great week for us and I have the weather to thank for it. Bring on the summer! We are so ready for more days and nights like these.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is something seriously hilarious about eating grahm crackers.But, only Sam knows what it is and he's not telling.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1000 words summed up

This picture just gets to me. Those eyes, that look. That face covered in drool and dirt particles. Its perfect.And it says so much about Sam.

He is very much a thinker. He studies things very closely and doesn't get bored with them until he has figured them out. He likes to put objects into containers or build up things to knock them down. He likes pots and blocks over dolls and stuffed animals any day.
He doesn't say much yet, but when he has something to say you better listen because he is extremely opinionated. He doesn't like mashed potatoes today, but might tomorrow.
He hates it when things are taken from him and he thinks that when you say "no" you are telling a joke. He only puts dirt in his mouth if he knows you are looking and when you go to pull it out, he laughs at the game he has won.
Sam can walk but chooses to crawl because there are so many things on the ground to look at. Yesterday he followed a bug in the grass for a few minutes. He didn't even attempt to touch it, he just watched its every move until it was gone.
He experiments with sound. He will hit wood on metal, metal on concrete and anything else that he can find to bang. He will put phones, remotes and cameras up to his ear to hear if there is a "dada" on the other line.
Sam is a comedian. If you think its funny, he'll do it 9 more times. He really gets a kick out of making me laugh. He enjoys doing summer-salts and giving hugs. He also thinks its fun to "bonk" heads.
We are lucky to have a very affectionate boy. He loves to cuddle and be held. He accepts kisses with a smile and gets excited when anyone says "hi" to him.
He is a happy person. He constantly reminds me about the importance of the little things and the reason that we are here on earth. Happiness is not something we are given, it is something we must find, and I have found it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

After work on Saturday I got to come home and play around outside with my favorite little buddy, Sam. He is 90% a mama's boy, but his other 10% was focused on Daddy and all the fun things he has in the garage. After a few hours of goofing off, we got cleaned up and ready for dinner out at the Met in Seattle. We were celebrating Jan and Shauna's birthdays along with Mother's day for Jan and I. Dinner was wonderful and we had a good time laughing at Sam as he tried to devour a lime. Sunday morning Sam and I got up early, ate breakfast and cleaned the house a bit. There is nothing like celebrating Mother's day by being a mom. :)

Matt spoke at church that afternoon about the importance of mothers and the influence they have on us. It was a great talk.

Then we headed home, took some naps and waited for Grandma and Grandpa Bailey to arrive.
Matt ordered some traditional Hawaiian Lei's for my mom and I to wear for Mother's day.For dinner, Matt cooked up some yummy burgers (on his new grill!) and for dessert we built a fire (with my new pit!) and roasted up some marshmallows while my dad played guitar into the night.
I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours. Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

to save, or not to save.

I love to save money. I do. But there are at least 3 things that I REFUSE to scrimp on.

Hair care. I tried doing things a little cheaper, and it was a disaster. Dove and Garnier commercials may look fancy and promising, but they are not. Fekkai is my hair savior. It does exactly what it claims its going to do. The glossing shampoo/conditioner are so lovely. AND occasionally Target has a buy one get one free. So that's also nice.
Bread. I have noticed that you can buy a loaf of white bread for a dollar at some grocery stores. Cheap but SOOO gross. I grew up with my Mom's home made slices, so I am a little bread picky. However, while trying out the Costco samples one day, Matt and I stumbled upon "Innkeepers Bread." Its so yummy that its actually blog worthy. Take a bite, you'll be sold.

And jeans. I had never bought any pants over $40 until I met Matt who talked me into some designer "7's". I have never looked back. (minus the maternity jeans.) They last much longer than the inexpensive pairs and hold their shape and color throughout their life span. Personally, I prefer 7's and Citizens. (Side note: Not sure what kind of body you have to have to look good in skinny jeans, but I do not have it. I think my "ba-donk-a-donk" is too..."donky.")Okay, so not sure why I felt that any of this deserved to be announced, but there you have it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Hola chicas. Yo soy gangsta.(Lo siento para la racism. !Te amo Mexico!)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Caught red handed

Or red "pawed", if you will.

When Brimley turned 2 years old in January, we decided to let him have full access of the down stairs while we were out of the house. Today has totally changed our minds. He will be back in his kennel for at least another 6 months.
Yes, that is RED LIPSTICK all over him, and all over our carpet. I Googled some cleaning ideas and I will be attempting them tonight.
Stupid dog.
I also love that he did this THE DAY AFTER A BATH!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Just one day in our life

Woke up this morning at the normal time of 7:30.
Had breakfast with Daddy before he headed out to work.
Took a shower and got dressed in warm clothes.
Took advantage of the windy weather by flying Sam's new kite.
Got tangled up in kite string. Went back inside.
Ate a snack of popcorn and animal crackers with "vulture dogs" waiting below.
Sam Took a small nap.
Loaded up the car and headed out to our 1 year Drs visit.
Enjoyed the waiting room toys.
Enjoyed climbing the table and tearing up the paper in the exam room.
Checked out by the Doctor.
Informed that Sam is low in weight and must start eating more.
Vaccinated by the nurse followed by sobs from Sam and Mommy.
Drove home listening the John Denver. So sue me.
Surprised by Daddy who was home early.
Doctors recommendation noted, and Sam pumped full of turkey sandwich and milk.
Sam took another small nap.
Cranky fits from baby and frustrated "whats?" from Mommy.
Sausage and lasagna for dinner.
Warm bath for pasta covered Sam and stinky dog (Sam in bath, Brim in shower)
Fake cries from Sam after he cant reach the toys he purposefully dropped over the side of tub.Bath tainted by BM.
Rinse and repeat.
PJ's, bottle and bed time.
Today was an easy day. ;)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

4 years together

Matt and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday with a dinner out at "The Melting Pot" followed by a quiet night at home while baby Sam played a lot and slept a little at Grandma and Grandpa Baileys.

I love Matthew more today than I did 4 years ago, without a doubt. We have learned a lot from each other and have become better people because of that. We have had tons of great times and have been able to experience some incredible things over the last few years. I feel like physically we have matured pretty nicely as well :)
The Lovers157Today 270
The traditional gift for the 4th year is an appliance. So I went out and bought Matty the best barbecue I could afford and he got me a portable fire pit, which is something I have wanted for a while. (I love to sit around a fire and play guitar and eat marshmallows!)