Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Our sweet girl Brisbane turned 10 years old today. Isn't that like 70 in dog years!? Geez, geriatric!

(For those of you who are NOT dog people, go ahead and skip this post because its about to get really mushy and crazy. As a matter of fact, probably best that you just ignore this blog entirely because I post a lot about my puppies.) 

Now that the weirdo dog haters are gone, back to the good stuff. ;)

I can not imagine our family without Bizy. She is such a loving and loyal dog. From day one, we were attached at the hip and although it can be pretty annoying at times to always have a dog at my feet, Im glad to have such a great companion. 

She has surprised us with how much she loves Sam. She isn't the most social dog and is not the biggest fan of children but she is so patient with him.  
 Briz is one nervous dog! She is very high strung and afraid of the weirdest things. But, she has really calmed down in the last few years. It may just be from her old age, but I think that she has picked up a few good habits from her best friend, Brimley. 

They are so close. Brimley and Brisbane are good pals. They wrestle and play every morning and sleep near each other every night. It's so sweet to see them together. 
 Brisbane, despite her age is a very healthy, energetic dog. We are so lucky that she hasn't had any major health issues. It's hard to see them age and it breaks my heart that she can no longer make it up on the bed to cuddle with me at night, but Happy Birthday to Bizy anyway!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Party hard

This weekend we celebrated two awesome boys turning 4. 

We started off with a birthday party for Eli at Chuck E Cheese. Sam and Eli are really good friends. They are both obsessed with Super Hero's and love to pretend. 

Sam, Eli and Juan. Cute boys!!!
When the pizza had been fully digested we met up with Chase at Red Robin for dinner and then swimming. 

Chase and Sam are hilarious together. They are in the same class at school and get to hang out a lot. It's very apparent that they are good friends. 
 Silly, crazy boys.
Happy 4th Birthday Eli and Chase! We love you so much and are so happy that we are all friends!


I love how convenient phone cameras are. Obviously. Since that's all I use anymore to document our lives. It's worth something, right?

Here are a few things we have been up to lately.

Lots of naps. Sam and I have been passing colds back and forth and it has really worn us out. We are excited for this season to come to an end.
 Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Sam has been prepping in the way of arts and crafts at school while Matt and I work on getting the house and kitchen ready for our family. I can't wait to finally eat some turkey.
 Bonding. Sam and I are such good buddies. I hope this never ends. Bff's forever! If that means I have to start pretending to love wresting and poop jokes, so be it.
 This cat. Princess is pretty much MIA all summer long and then when the cold and wet arrives she pretends like she loves us again just for the warmth and attention. I totally fall for it. "She's been so sweet lately!" Duped.
 So many pills....good riddance sick!
 Wigs and dogs. Is there a more hilarious combination? This is Brimely as Ron Burgundog.
 Chickens. They love them some corn and pretty much anything else we throw out there for them to eat. It makes me feel accomplished to see them fattening up. No we are not going to eat them.
 Yes, those are tiger babies. Feel free to cry over their cuteness. We did.
This is a common scene in our home. Sam playing quietly in his room with the dogs standing guard. Occasionally they become mountains, villains or scary wolves. They don't seem to mind.
 Grandparents day at pre-school. Sam had a blast with Bub, Grandma and Papa. He's kind of a big deal.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Embrace the Camera - 11-8-12

I know it's been a while since I've ETC'd. Its been a tough/busy few months. But I'm back, and that's all that matters.

This week's Embrace the Camera is brought to you by the difference that antibiotics can make. Im not a huge pill fan, but I am thankful for modern medicine today.

This is "strep throat, sinus and ear infection Holly"
 and "I can finally swallow and yawn again without crying Holly." Oh, the difference 24 hours and antibiotics can make. Ahhhhh.
On another note, Im pretty sure 90% of my pictures are either of my dogs or have them in the background. They are always right there with me, which I love.

To see what this Embrace the Camera thing is all about click HERE.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween - 2012

This week was packed full of fun and candy. Two things we three enjoy :)

Sam had a high fever all weekend so we stayed inside, carved and painted our pumpkins and watched the classic family halloween classics. Hocus Pocus is my personal favorite.
On Tuesday we joined Sam's preschool in a "Harvest Party" where we played games, ate yummy snacks, visited our friends and did art projects.

Sam's preschool class is one cute group of kids!
 I loved watching Sam interact with his friends and teachers. He's becoming such a big boy!
Sam loves his teacher and she is always coming up with fun games for the little ones. 

I was put in charge of the art project and thanks to Pinterest, I was able to come up with these cute handprint spiders. They were a big hit!

Halloween night we had some friends and family over for chicken chowder and trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. 
 We LOVE where we live. The streets were packed full of kids and families. And no rain or cold this year!!!

Our pumpkins this year.

 Sam had a blast going door to door and made sure to stay and chat a little with the home owners. He's my little social butterfly ;)
 Sam was so proud of his loot.