Thursday, February 16, 2012

A lot of giraffes

For starters, Sam is on the mend. Luckily the bug he had yesterday was a 24 hour thing. He's back to his hyper and crazy self this morning.

Yay. (That is not really a sarcastic "yay". I am glad he's feeling better, but notice how I didn't place an exclamation mark? I meant to leave it out.) 

Between piling up the pillows on the ground to create a jumping pit, chasing around the dogs, and climbing in the pantry to reach the candy, Sam gathered all his giraffes together and played "giraffe zoo." His words.
The kid has a lot of giraffes. The group that he has here doesn't even include all of his figurines. You know, the lovely ones that you loudly curse pick up with a smile after stepping on.

It's an impressive collection that doesn't seem to be ending any time soon.
I asked him who is favorite giraffe was and he picked this one. I wish I could remember where this one came from. I think one of the Grandparents gave it to him.
Weeks ago, while sitting on my lap while I scrolled through Pinterest, Sam noticed a room that had a giant stuffed giraffe in it. Since then he has been asking for "a giraffe room, Mommy!!"

Last week, we started on his new room (I love redecorating) and it is coming along nicely. Pictures will be posted as soon as a few more things are finished up in there.

So get ready for some more giraffe filled updates!


Colton said...

I think you should make it look like he is INSIDE the giraffe.

Alix said...

hahaha... the one with the crazy eyelashes is my favorite.

likeschocolate said...