Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yours & Mine Design

I decided to start my own design business. I have been wanting to do this forever, but I havent known where to start. I have been working with media design for quite some time, but the job that I am currently at is not allowing me to get the work that I want. So I am venturing out on my own. Here is the link to my first attempt at a website. Its still new, and I hoping to get more work to display.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Snoqualmie Falls

My husband and I took a drive up to Snoqualmie falls this weekend to see the amount of water that is flowing from the river due to days of rain and flooding. It was amazing. The falls were probably 3 times the size that they usually are, and the river had risen atleast 20 feet. Brisbane came with us, and did a good job of not getting too muddy on the trail.

A girls best friend...

I took a few pictures of my engagement ring and wedding band. I thought I would show them off since they are so pretty!

My ring is platinum tension set, and when Matt put it on my finger for the first time, I said "Im going to break that!" It looks so fragile, but so far its been pretty tough. They are new in the jewelry market (the tension setting) and I love it when people see it for the first time. They are so surprised to see it suspended between the band. My husband designed it himself, and he couldnt have done a more beautiful job.
It has been given the nick name of "Finger Jetta" because it costs the same amount as my car. Matt spent WAY more money on it than I ever thought he would, but who's complaining!?