Monday, March 30, 2009

Labor Attempt #2: Foot Massage

A massage therapist (aka sister-in-law) who knows labor inducing pressure pointstwo swollen feet

Painful braxton-hicks contractions that don't last through the night.

Labor Attempt #2: Close, but no cigar!

Labor Attempt #1: Spicy Foods

Phad Thai Noodles3 types of Thai Spicesone ready-to-pop pregnant chicka red face, burned mouth and a funny picture.
Labor attempt #1: Failed.

36 week OB

His Heart rate: 154bpm
My Weight: 154
My Size: 41cm
Last week at my Doctor appointment, after talking to the nurse about everything, she said "If you went into labor now, we wouldn't stop it."
Oh magical words!
Then, while checking out the baby's position, the Dr. said "He's ready."
Well Doc, so am I.
So, my next post will be about me trying out all the old wives tales "labor inducers". More to come on that :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

35 weeks...

...and today I resemble this guy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

B is for Boy!

On Saturday March 14th, my Mom threw me the best baby shower ever thrown! It was held at Matt's parents house, and he and his Dad cooked the most amazing brunch complete with eggs benedict, fruit, pastries and sausage. My mouth is watering just thinking about it...

My mom knows a lady who professionally decorates cakes, and she made this beauty for the baby shower. I was SO impressed. Not only was it handsome as can be, it was tasty too!
Then Tiffany Aprecio showed up with these amazing cupcakes that she made for us. I thought they were too cute to eat...but I devoured them anyway.
The theme was "B is for Boy" so the colors were blue and brown, with balloons and baskets. We also played games like "Bingo" and "Baby Shout Out." We also decorated onesies with iron-ons and markers.
Mommy Bulger and Shannon making a masterpiece.Tiffany and my mom decorating outfits for baby Sam/Vai.Me laughing at the fact that my baby is already too big for the NB size onesies. Here I have it placed in the position he is laying.All the cute onesies hanging from the railing. So cute!
So many of our closest friends and family were able to make it. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people so close!
Kathryn, Lessa, Kelsey, Sarah, Shannon, Tiffany, Bridget, Dana, Shauna, Sam, Brittany and Marion.Nicole, Aubrey, Dana, Laurel, Avery, Millie, Liz, and Rachel.Laura and Cindy.Courtney and Nicole filling out their Baby Questionnaire.Avery, Rachel and Dana.Shauna and I playing with balloons. I wish my belly weighed the same as her helium filled one.Rachel and baby Chase.Brittany guessing how many cotton balls are in the bottle.I was surprised by my Grandma Liz from AZ who I was told was unable to attend. I have never received so many great gifts before. I cant wait to put all these things to good use! We have everything we need and more. You wouldn't believe how spoiled this kid is already!
We got tons of fun clothes. I wish I had pictures of all of them, but I bet they will be even better looking with a sweet baby inside of them, so I can wait until then. :)A swing from the Blocks. This was our motivation to use the theme of Owls. I had wanted to do it before, but it wasn't until we found this that I thought it would be possible. A bouncer from Marion. This has owls on it too!
So many of the gifts were hand made. I feel so blessed to have friends that sacrifice their time for us.
The Dillon's made us a quilt, burp cloths, an adorable cross stitched owl picture, and two owl pillows/toys.The two in the middle were made by Melissa and her girls. They go so well with the one my mom bought us and the green ugly.Rachel made this Diaper Cake. Its so cute I don't want to take it apart to use any of the diapers!My mom made this beautiful blanket that I can NOT get enough of. It is so perfect. Its going to mean so much to her grandson. She also made owl burp cloths that are contoured to fit the shoulder. They are too cute to puke on if you ask me! We'll see what the baby thinks...

I cant stress enough how blessed I feel. A year ago I would have never dreamed of being able to have a baby shower so it was so great to finally be a part of one for my son. I am so thankful for all the wonderful things that we have received, all the help everyone has been and all the love that we have felt for the few years that we have been trying for this very blessing. Thank you so much to everyone who is a part of our lives.

The Matts

My cousin Matt was in town from Utah this week for a swim meet, and he just so happens to share the same birthday with my Matt. So we celebrated their birthday with some friends and family at Raging River Saloon where my Dad's band was playing.

My mom got them a funny Power Rangers cake, and they had fun with their action figures. My Dad had Matt Bailey up on stage with the band to play the tambourine during "Its Your Birthday" by the Beatles. He makes them look like midget musicians!Then my mom and I (and my gut) joined About Face and rocked out to "Heat Wave." It was a family affair!Hope you had a great birthday Matt and Matty!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Knows how to Knit?

Because I MUST have this!!I have the pattern, and I would be willing to pay. Please, make my dreams come true?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Matty!

Matt has been making a lot of sacrifices for our family lately and has had to put a few passions on hold due to a knee injury.

For instance, last week he traded in his dream car:for an SUV to fit our soon-to-be expanding family: Luckily he loves the B9 Tribeca (Its a Subaru, so he's happy) and luckily we got a great deal on it. The interior is by far my favorite thing about it.So, for Matt's birthday, I was hoping to find something for him that he was passionate about.
This memory came to mind: This is Matt at the Natural History Museum in New York City. While we were there they had a frog exhibit, and he spent an hour watching them, and reading about every species. He has had a fascination with frogs since he was a kid, but this was the first time I had witnessed it.

So, I found an exotic breeder online, and got him a few of his own frogs for his birthday! They are Poison Dart Frogs, but they are pretty harmless when bred in captivity. They will grow to about 2 inches big, and they will stay as colorful as they are today. Matt was SO excited to get these, and cant stop talking about how cool they are. He claims this is the coolest gift he has ever received! I did good!
He has yet to name them, so if you have any ideas, let us know. There are only 2 right now, but I am sure he will have fun adding to his collection. Happy Birthday Baby! I love you very much and I appreciate all you do for us.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Snowy Surprise

I am so ready for SPRING!!!
We woke to snow this morning, and its still coming down hard. I am not so happy about being stuck inside once again, but I know 2 dogs who are very happy to have one last frolic in the white stuff before the tulips start to bloom.
Look at that cute puff of an eyebrow!
Could she look any more excited? I am such a biased owner, but I think these two are the cutest. (Even after 2 days of cleaning up foil and rubber infused dog vomit :)