Friday, March 30, 2007


Matt and I went to Arizona last weekend to see my family. My Grandma Bailey has not been doing very well, and I wanted to see her before she passes away. It was really hard for me, as I have never really lost a grandparent that I was close to, but it was also very rewarding to see her. I love my grandparents so much, and I hope that Matt and I will be as happily devoted to eachother as they are still today.
While we were in AZ we explored the deserts, went to the zoo where we pet stingrays and visited all the family. We had a really great time.

This is us at the zoo. I went here a lot as a little girl, so it was a lot of fun to go back and get pictures that look almost the same as the ones I have growing up. (Except Im older, and with my husband now:)

We got to go the Temple the first day we were there. Both my parents and grandparents were sealed together here, so it was really neat to see it for the first time. Its the only other Temple I have been to so far, and it is so beautiful.

These are some other pictures from the zoo. They have a stingray enclosure that allows you to reach in and touch the rays. It was really neat. Matt and I got to snorkle with rays on our honeymoon, so it was nice to get to do it again. This zoo was so much fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bridgets Wedding

Matt and I attended a friends wedding this weekend, and it made me think about our special day. It was so much fun getting everything together, being the bride, seeing all our friends and family and of course the romance. I miss it! Its been almost a year now, which is so crazy. Time has gone by so fast.

My pretty orchid

Matt got me the most beautiful orchid for Valentines day...but I think Im killing it. I dont know if I over watered it or what, but its starting to get droopy. Is it the time of year? Will it bloom again? Help me green thumbs!

Rock Climbing

Matt, Shauna and I went to Vertical World for a little FHE rock climbing. It was a lot of fun, but my arms and hands hurt for days!

Baby Jace-Jan 20th, 2006

My good friend Robbi just had little boy that she named Jace Robert Crawford. It was so great to be a part of everything. I threw a baby shower for her, and so many people came out to support Robbi. I went out and found a bunch of nice but used baby stuff that she was in need of, and she ended up getting so much stuff we had to put it in 3 different cars.

The little Brother

My little brother just moved back to Washington from Utah, and we are having a lot of fun so far. I have taken him out on a blind date, and we got to go out to dinner. He has come over a few times to hang out, and its been nice to have him around again.

Sonics Game

My mom got some really great Sonics game tickets that her and my dad we not able to use, so she gave them to Matt and I. It was a jersey retirement night, so there was a party before the game that we were also able to attend. On our way to the party, we were almost run over by the players heading out to the floor to practice! It was so exciting for Matt as guys like Ray Allen ran right past him.
After eating good food at the party, we headed up to our seats that were just as great. The game was a lot of fun, the Sonics one, and we got to watch a really cool "jersey retirement ceremony". Thanks mom!

The Freemont Troll

Courntey and I went on a drive in Freemont, only to come upon the bridge troll. She wanted to get out and take pictures, and I consented even though I think this thing is so creepy!

Valentines Day

Matt bought me the cutest outfit and pajama bottoms for Valentines day, and I got him a really nice shirt that he has wanted for a while. We went out to dinner at Lombardis which is where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner. It was so good, and I always get stuffed sick when we eat there.
This is a picture we took at dinner that I played around with in photoshop. (He is wearing his new shirt)

Love at Home


I love skiing. So it was only natural for me to want to go up with Matt, who had never been skiing before. We rented equiptment and went up on a Saturday afternoon and drove up to the pass. At first, Matt got really frustrated. I wasnt telling him how to do things, and he was having trouble figuring things out. Finally, we went onto the first chair lift and he did so good! After a few tries on a green run, we went onto a blue one where he fell and broke his ski pole. It was pretty funny. He seemed to have a good time until it got dark and icy. Hopefully we'll get to go back up before the snow is gone.

Christmas '06

Matt and I spent Christmas morning together exchanging gifts. I got him a new watch, an action figure from our favorite show "Lost" and the DVD box set "Band of Brothers." I also got the windows tinted on his car. Matt got me a new robe and the new "Foo Fighters" cd. As you can see, Princess had a fun time opening presents too.

We headed over the my parents house first and had a great breakfast over there. Matt cooked the bacon in his new apron that my parents got him from Hawaii. They also got us some really great tree ornaments for our first Christmas together. After breakfast we opened gifts. They got us some new dishes for our house, a "Newlyweds" cd by John Bytheway and a book about Gordon B Hinkley. We got them a frame with pictures from the wedding in it, and I painted them a picture of their dogs. I got my dad a new movie and a Beatles CD.

My parents gave Brisbane a new toy "hippo" for Christmas. Its the only toy that she has yet to destroy. Matt and I belive that she cherishes it because she "stole" it from Bandi and Boomer.

Next we headed over to Matts parents house. We had a small lunch over there and then opened presents. We got them some pictures of the wedding, and some really neat dishes with sea creatures on them. We also got Matts dad an XBox 360. Matts parents got me a bunch of scrapbooking stuff, and gift cards, and Matt got a new drill and a really nice sweater. We had a really great time.

Brian Regan!

Brian Regan has been a favorite comedian of mine for a long time, and I introduced Matt to him when we were dating. So we were very excited to hear that he was going to be in Seattle. We met up with Shannon and Tyler for Thai food, and then to the Paramount for the show. Brian did all new material, and of course, it was all great.