Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary


I am so thankful for you in my life, and for the amazing blessings our family receives every day because of you. It has been a wonderful 3 years, and I love you so much.

You are the most caring husband and now father, and Sam and I could not be more lucky to be cared for by you.
Here's to eternity.

Sam's 3rd Day

Last night I stayed in the NICU with Sam. Not the best of places to get some rest, but I loved being next to him even though we couldn't cuddle.

He has taken a little step backwards regarding breast feeding, but he has accepted the bottle. Dr says that he is eating good, but we need to get him eating better. This is easier said than done, but we are working on mastering the project.

Each morning in the NICU they do what is called "Rounds". This is a meeting with the parents of the child and the staff assisting that day. We discuss test results, progress, concerns and answer questions.

This morning during rounds we found that Sam's bilirubin is lower, but not low enough to take him out of the bili bed. His electrolytes are at a much better level, and his weight is dropping.(which is what they are wanting due to the amount of fluids he has been transfused with) We haven't received test results regarding infection so we are keeping him on anti-biotics until we know. They have placed a hep-lock in his scalp to use for his doses.
His platelets have dropped again. After the last transfusion they were at a 150k and now they are at 81k. They will do another CBC in the morning, and do another transfusion if it drops below 30k. We are desperately trying to find out the cause for this disorder, and we are hoping to get some pretty imperative information back later today.
Matt and I are still in awe at how wonderful this little man is. We are so lucky to his parents, and it means so much to us that Heavenly Father trusted us with his care.
We love you Sam.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Samuel Benjamin Aprecio

After 48 hours of labor, and 2 hours of pushing Sam was born at 4:28 Sunday morning at 6lbs 13oz and 21 inches long. With only a few hours to ourselves as a family, Sam was whisked away to pediatrics after the nurses found him with low blood sugar. A few blood tests later landed him into the NICU where he will remain for the next week.

Sam has not been completely diagnosed yet, and things are changing every hour so I will try to keep this blog as updated as possible, but please understand that things are very hectic right now and I want to spend as much time with my baby as I can.

First off, I will remain in the hospital for a while on anti-biotics to clear up an unknown infection. We are awaiting tests on that. The suspected infection is known as Coreo.

Sam is also awaiting many test results, but a few things that we know are as follows:

Samuel has a very rare antigen in his blood called JKA. When he was in utero, there was a small blood swap between him and I through the placenta (this is normal for many babies). However, because I do not carry the antigen, my body created Antibodies to fight off the JKA. So, Sam is at high risk for anemia during the next few months and is now "chillin' in blue" due to jaundice. JKA should not pose any further risk to him once he is in the clear, but it is something that Matt and I need to keep in mind for future pregnancies.

The second condition, is a more serious one for Sam. For reasons unknown at this time, he has a very low platelet count. When he was born, his levels were at 19k-the normal being 200k. As of today he has had 3 transfusions 2 of which were not very successful, and the last one bringing his numbers to 150k. This is very good news, but we are watching to make sure that number doesn't drop again, as did the first 2 infusions.

It is not known what is causing this blood disorder but we have done tests and cultures and are awaiting results to hopefully give us answers. Right now we are busy keeping Sam comfortable, clean and fed.

Due to illness and a long labor, Sammy has had a very difficult time eating. So they started him on glucose (which brought his blood sugar to normal levels) and have a feeding tube in place. We have had a few good sessions of breast feeding, but we are working hard to use that as his only source of nutrition. In 30 minutes today he drank 22ml which is very exciting.

We can not wait for things to normalize! It is so hard to hold your newborn amongst wires and tubes with a strict time limit but we are loving every moment with Sam. He is the most beautiful baby we have ever seen. (biased, we know) He is so strong and is such a great example to everyone who has met him. Matt and I are so very thankful for him, and we can not believe that he is ours for eternity.

I am feeling great. There have been very tough times, and I am sure that there are many more to come, but everyone is very positive about the outcome. I will probably be sent home soon, but I will be here ever couple of hours to feed and cuddle with my new son. I will be able to post more pictures and details later, but for now this is the outline of what is happening.

We greatly appreciate prayers for Sam. We are so thankful to those of you who have helped us already either through favors or words of comfort. We are a very blessed family, and I can not wait to see how many more blessings are in store for us through Samuel.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

40 Week OB

I had a doctors appointment today that left me feeling really emotional. I am not 100% why, but maybe putting things down in words will help me work things out in my head...

My cervix, or "the enemy" as I like to refer to it, is still closed. I am having painful contractions at least every 15 minutes, but they are not working in the way that they should be. I have not progressed for 3 weeks now, and the Dr is a little concerned about a few things.

First off, the size of the baby is a "huge" factor. Today while listening to his heart rate, the Dr noticed that he could actually hear the valves opening and closing which means that the baby is large, and fully developed. The concern he has is that the baby will grow too big for a vaginal delivery.

Second, is my blood pressure and water retention. I am getting higher and higher each week, and my feet, hands and face are getting more and more swollen. Compared to most pregnant women I am not horrible, but for MY normal numbers, I am high.

Third of course, is the baby. Dr says that larger babies that go over their due date have a higher chance of problems or still births. Considering my body is not showing any signs of going into labor by my due date, I will be overdue come Friday, so we need to get the baby out as soon as possible.

So, we have scheduled an induction.

This was music to my ears, but for a few different reasons he has put it off until next week. I am supposed to be monitoring the baby's movements and activity carefully, and taking it easy this next week since complications can come with being overdue and I am measuring 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

The plan is as follows: I check into the hospital on Wednesday the 29th (is there a better place to spend your wedding anniversary?) at 4:30pm for what they call a "Cervical Ripening". I will spend the night in the hospital where they will give me gel capsules of prostaglandin every hour for 12 hours or until my cervix is dilated/effaced enough to start the induction. Then Thursday morning, I will be started on Pitocin in hopes that this will induce labor and I will be able to deliver "The Hulk" without complications.

I am not looking forward to spending so much time in the hospital, and I don't like the fact that the night before labor I will not have slept well or eaten for 12 hours. Although I am so excited to finally have my baby, I am a little hesitant about it ending this way. I know I need to be thankful and excited for this, and again, I am not really sure why I am feeling so indifferent about it. I am hoping and praying that something happens before the 29th, but I am going to just try and enjoy this last week of having the baby and my husband all to myself.

So why the tears every time I think about todays appointment? I have no idea. I am tired, uncomfortable and I weigh more than I ever imagined I could so maybe its just the fact that my brain isnt fuctioning well enough to console my worries. I have no energy, little appetite and I am so ready for this baby to come that I dream about it every time I fall asleep. Could it be that I am finally experiencing pregnancy hormones? Again, I am at a loss for reasons. But, I need to keep a positive attitute and realize that I am only 1 week away from holding my son. This fact does make me feel a little better, and I also know he will be so worth all of this stress.

Oh Baby Sam, you are definitely a Taurus-They love a peaceful calm environment and they are stubborn about not wanting things to change.

Amen, astrology!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tulip Festival

A few of us stay at home moms headed out into the Skagit Valley today to check out the tulips. We got out at the first sign of color without realizing there were better fields further down the road. Oh well! We had a great time and got tons of cute pictures anyway.

Sarah and ElijahAlycia, Preston and soon to arrive Baby CarterSamantha and Maceyand me and soon to arrive Baby SamI am posting some more shots on my photography blog :)

Remember her...

well, she's engaged and I had the honor of taking her pictures! Check out the very tall Lessa and her even taller fiance HERE.

Bring on Spring

Matt and I soaked up the great weather this weekend by checking out the flowers at the Temple, and then BBQ'ing with some good friends. (Side Note: Cheese Brauts=best thing ever!) Today I hope to head out to the dog park with the "kids", then head up to the Tulip Fields with the girls and pretty much ignore the fact that I am still pregnant with no end in sight :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

39 Week OB

My Weight: 160lbs
His Heart Rate: 158bpm
Dilation: 0cm

STILL NO CHANGES! I am having random contractions, but my cervix is still closed and the Dr. doesn't want to do anything to help me progress until the baby drops. I am starting to fear that I will be pregnant forever...

Although I have it VERY easy for being in my 9th month (no heartburn, sleeping well and fairly comfortable) I am still ready to be done. I have no appetite anymore and I barely fit into even my maternity clothes. My energy is low which is really what is getting to me right now. I have so much that I want to do, but resting is taking priority.

I took some pictures last night of me in my last month. Some of the angles make my gut look pretty crazy! However, it is really that large. No stretch marks yet, but I do have that funny line down the middle, and for some reason, mine is crooked. (The top doesn't match the bottom) Leave it up to me to be abnormal :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Matthew and I started off the Easter weekend by dying eggs with the Andersons. The guys got bored with it pretty quick, but Samantha and I colored most, if not all, of our 2 dozen eggs. I always have a great time thinking of ways to decorate :) Sunday we went to my parents ward, and then went to their house for dinner. After dinner my family watched funny videos on the computer, and caught up on the latest episode of Flight of the Concords. We were also very entertained watching all the dogs play.Then we played Battle of the Sexes which, as you can tell by Matt's face, really did turn into a battle.
Luckily the game ended in a tie, and we all still love each other :)Happy Easter!

Puppy meets Pig

Us Washingtonians are not really used the the bright light quite yet....During the nice sunny days we have been having, we have been taking the dogs to the Ebey Island Dog Park that is across the street from a farm. Brimley and Brisbane got to meet their very first livestock! The cows were super interested in them, but Brim especially loved the pig who stuck his nose through the fence for Brimley to kiss.
Then when we got home Brisbane was worn out, but Brimley still had enough energy to run around in the back yard for a bit. This picture cracks me up. He is such a happy dog, I just cant get enough of him.Both our dogs are big hits at the dog park. Brim just romps around and plays with everyone, while Briz is happy chasing her ball. People are amazed at how fast she is.
More sunny days please!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

38 Week OB

This week the Dr checked me for dilation since I have been having contractions, and I am measuring ahead of schedule. However, my cervix is still closed. I told him about all my attempts at labor, and he gave me a few more to try. If I am not progressing by next week, we are going to talk about induction or doing something more invasive to get this labor going. My blood pressure is also up, so he told me that I need to take it easy.

My Weight: 158lbs

His Heart Rate: 154bpm

Dilation: 0cm

The baby has stayed very active even though there is little room to move around inside of me. Last night we happened to have the camera handy when he decided to stretch out. This picture is real, and yes, it is VERY uncomfortable when he does this.
So gross! I am so happy that he is strong and healthy, but I am so ready to see him move and wiggle without having to feel it happening inside of me. Oh baby, please come out. There is a lot more room out here!

Labor Attempt #3- Walking

Taking long walks with these two:KANKLES!

Labor Attempt #3- Minimized-Drs Orders.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The month that we have been planning and preparing for is finally here. Its so exciting to say that we are going to have our little boy THIS MONTH!
We have everything we need for his arrival, so now we just wait for him to decide when that will be. Obviously I have been trying to persuade him that sooner is better than later, but its all up to him!

Since I started "nesting" as soon as I saw the pink plus symbol, the nursery has been ready for months. There are a few finishing touches that are still needed, but we are happy with how it turned out.
Grandma Bailey (my mom) found these for us around Christmas time. They are supposed to be ornaments, but I think they are adorable purched on the edge of the crib.Matt and I put this dresser/changing table together ourselves with the frame from Ikea and the drawers from Target. Matt designed the shelves and organized all the little trinkets and books.I painted this bird trio a few months ago. I am hoping to do some more artwork for his room when I find the time.These owl figurines were sent to me by my grandma. She had a ton of them that she had collected over the years, so I am so excited to have some real family heirlooms in his room.This little one was found by Grandpa Aprecio on a trip to Mexico.I saw this cute coat hook, and had to have it. I LOVE coo coo clocks, but Matt thinks they're creepy. So we settled on this one, and Im glad we did. It works so well with the theme.
I cant wait to add one more little thing to this room...