Monday, February 13, 2012

Linda Ronstadt

When I was about 13 my Dad bought me a CD of Linda Ronstadts greatest hits. He told me that if I wanted to be a singer some day I would have to "study up on the great female vocalists in rock and roll history."

Who would have thought that my singing career would bring me to dress up and pretend to be Linda on stage.

Introducing, JUST ONE LOOK-a tribute to the music of Linda Ronstadt. Our debut show is on April 24th in Issaquah and we are hoping to book more tribute shows throughout the year. I am so excited to be rockin' out again! I have a great band to back me up and I get to spend time with my Dad, who taught me how good music should really sound.

For your ears: CLICK HERE.
For date information: CLICK HERE.
For your eyes:


Colton said...

Wow all the way around. That is pretty much as honest as I'm allowed to be about Matt's wife.

Rob Lowe said...

I AM the biggest Linda Ronstadt fan, and these pics really look like Linda.... How cool! The old saying about "imitation" is true. Love you, LInda. Hearing that you lost your voice is a big blow and loss to me and all of your adoring fans.

Much love, thoughts, prayers, & meditations.


Anonymous said...

Are you fucking retarded? None of those pictures are of Linda Ronstadt. She has brown eyes, just to start.