Thursday, August 28, 2008

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This week was the 3rd anniversary of our first date.

Matt took me to "The Quad" in middle of the University of Washington campus. The Japanese Cherry Trees were in full bloom, and the weather was perfect. He laid out a blanket and we ate a nice Italian dinner (Olives, mozarella, salami, good bread). Everything was perfect. (Except for me almost falling down the concrete stairs. Stupid heals.)

Afterwards, I took Matt to meet my parents and grandparents. Lots of pressure for a first date!

Our goal was to make it this far, so from now on we're just living on bonus time (It's a joke!) :)

I love you Matty! Here's to us surviving!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Evergreen State Fair!

We got to attend the fair this year, and we got the most beautiful weather to enjoy while doing it. We met up with our friends Sarah and Eric for some good ol' rotten fair food,and fun rides and games. Of course my favorite part is seeing all the cute farm animals, and the highlights are always the new baby ones! I would so have a pig if they didn't grow up to be so ugly. We also got to check out the convention center and we got to test out the "Tempur-Pedic" bed. The guys liked it so much they didn't care how gay they looked. Matt swears this will be our next purchase, but I have a hard time paying that much for a mattress when I can sleep anywhere.
When night hit, we headed into the Carnival area and had a great time on the rides.The boys went on all the spinning and flipping ones while us ladies sat back and laughed at them. However, Sarah and I did manage to get on the "Yo-Yo" for a fun but nerve racking spin around the carnival. The thing was really creaky and the seats were not very stable!
With the last of our tickets, Matt and Eric decided to get on the "Cyclone" to see how fast they could make it spin. Well, that didn't last long before they got so sick!! Don't you love Matt's attempted smile?We had a great time, even with upset stomachs and tired feet! Thanks Sarah and Eric for another exciting night in Monroe!

Special Olympics Bowling 08-09

Bowling started up again and Courtney and I were pretty excited to see all of our friends again. Courtney (and Dad!) were pretty frustrated with the first few scores, but I think that the new ball and the crooked floor will take some getting used to before we get up to last years numbers.Ken, Courtney and Briauna. We have such a blast with the people in our lane, and its a good thing too because bowling lasts all the way until February!

Neutered Dude

We finally got around to neutering Brimley, and luckily it didn't change him a bit :) He is still the fun loving, cuddly puppy, only now he's a little less manly.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Zoo!

Courtney and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and met up with Shauna at the zoo. It was such a great day to be there, and of course the highlight for me was getting to play with the goats. I LOVE me some farm animals!"Waldo" was our good friend who didn't mind posing with us. I even got him to smile in this picture!
Seriously, it was the perfect day to be at Woodland Park. They had tons of animals out to touch,and most of the other animals were very active and happy to be entertaining the screaming children. The Leopard walked past Courtney more than 5 times! She loved it.

Ben + Matt + Sushi

Matt's friend from his mission, Ben, came into town from Calgary this weekend and we met up at Blue C for some Sushi. They are so fun to watch, and they have such a great time talking about the mission and the experiences that they had in Calgary.
We are hoping to go up to Alberta soon so that Matt can show me around where we served. From listening to Matt and Ben laugh for hours, it sounds like a pretty fun place!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am so done with needles!

I had yet ANOTHER blood test on Sunday to see where my hormones are now that I am on medication. Since taking Chlomid, I have really not felt a huge difference like I was told I was going to experience. I am a little more "short-fused" than usual, but thats really it. Oh, and for the last few months of the hormonal change, I have discovered a few curse words that feel really good to say. :) I am hoping that its just another part of the drugs, and not my inner-trash showing its ugly face.
I am hoping that the news regarding my levels will be good, but I am really thinking that they will need to up the dose.
So, Bring on the mood swings and hot flashes!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

To celebrate my Dad's 10x4+7th birthday, all of us kids and our dogs met up at their home for dinner and pie. Since it was so nice outside, we spent a lot of the time playing with the pups on the front lawn. It is such great entertainment to watch them all roll around together.

"The Aussie Posse!" Brisbane, Boomerang, Brimley, Bandicoot and Dundee.
The cousins. Brimley and Dundee are only a few months apart, so they wrestle together for hours.Matt had a tennis ball that they were all fixated on. We call this picture "Story Time" :)
Matts parents let us borrow their "Rock Band" set up, so we rocked out for an hour after dinner. Since my dad already has his own REAL rock band, he mostly just watched us and laughed. But we got him on the drums and vocals. My mom rocking out. She's so hip.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Whirly Ball!!

For Shannon's birthday, we all met at the Whirly Ball gym in Lynwood. We picked 3 teams, and went at it! We all had a blast! The game is pretty much Lacrosse on go carts. We did get a little bumped around, and Matt even got a little hurt during one round. He got bumped from the side, and he says "one cheek stayed with the cart, the other moved away from my body." I snapped this next picture right after the incident. :) The birthday girl after losing a pitiful game to to boys.If you have a Whirly Ball gym in your area, seriously try it out!

Girls Night

Last week a bunch of us girls got together to go see Mama Mia since none of our husbands were interested in taking us. I dont blame them though, it was very "chick-flick-esque." But, if you like ABBA you are sure to enjoy this movie, male or female!

I love getting together will the ladies, and thank you to all of you that were able to make it. Shannon and her mom drove all the way up to Everett from Renton to join us, and Kelsey and Brittany were there too, but went home before we posed for this picture in front of the girls bathroom.