Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona - Saturday

Saturday morning we got up early and got ready for our busy day.

Sam and Papa Bailey went out back and gathered grapefruit and oranges from his fruit trees. Sam loved taking walks with Papa :)
We got to attend my cousin Lexi's birthday party at Peter Pipers Pizza. No vacation to Arizona is complete without a Peter Pipers visit :) Sam played all the games and won 300 tickets. He picked out a plastic dinosaur as his prize.
After we had eaten our fair share of pizza and cake, we drove over to my Aunt Kathy's house to visit a little before the wedding.

Sam played with Grandma Hipke. She has lots of fun trinkets and figurines in her house to play with.

In the afternoon we got to be a part of Michael and Amber's wedding. It was such a beautiful day and everything went as planned.

Sam spent most of the time with Grandma while I was taking pictures, but it sure was fun having him at "work" with me and showing him off to all of my family.
I mean seriously, is there a cooler kid alive? Sam was a huge hit at the wedding and was very entertaining.
I love my family and it's always great to get to visit and catch up.

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