Monday, February 20, 2012


Sam has been caught in a few lies lately. It took me by surprise that my little angel, my perfect little boy, was already starting deceive me.

Me: "Did you pick up the toys in your room?"
Sam: "Yeah!"
(I start to walk into his room. Sammy stops me.)
Sammy: "No Mommy, stay here."

Me: "Sam! Did you drop the dog bone into the heating vent?"
Sam: "What?"
Me: "You heard me. Did you drop it in here?"
Sam: "What? That's Brimley's bone."
Me: "Yeah, but who put it in here?"
Sam: "Ummm...."

Me: "Your binkies need to stay upstairs, in your bed okay?"
(I gathered all the binkies, put them away and then started vacuuming our room. When I came back downstairs I found all 3 binks under his blanket next to him on the couch.)
Me: "Sam! What did I tell you?"
Sam: "Whoa, 3 binkies! That's amazing!"

I had the honesty talk with him and explained that if he lost my trust he would have less freedom yada yada yada bla bla bla. At least that's probably how it sounded to him. I'm pretty sure nothing sinks very deep into a 2 year old's brain. Except for curse words...those stick like glue.

I guess the dishonesty was bound to happen sooner than later. I mean really, parents lie to their kids on a daily basis.

"The candy is all gone."
"You're Buzz Lightyear shirt is dirty."
"Yes, Mommy and Daddy are going to bed too."
"Oh no, the Gnomeo DVD is broken!"
"You wouldn't want Mommy's food. It's really yucky."

And we're still all taken aback when they are first caught telling a lie? Silly us.

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Colton said...

Well, at least you know he's smart. Not sure if that is a good trade, but there you have it.