Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona - Thursday & Friday

I was asked to photograph my cousin's wedding in Arizona this weekend and Sammy and my Mom joined me. We flew stand-by (cheap) expecting that heading down to AZ on a Thursday would be easy.

We were wrong.

Come to find out, it was opening day for spring training. The airline was booked with lots and lots of baseball fans.

To make a very looooong, frustrating story short, we got to Sea Tac at 6am and arrived in Arizona at midnight.
Friday morning we met up with my cousin Serena and her family at the Phoenix Zoo. It was such a beautiful day at the park and we had tons of fun.
I asked Sam to give me a "thumbs up" if he wanted to feed the giraffes. He didn't hesitate his answer.
Sam had no fear at all about walking up to the giraffes and handing them lettuce. 
His face cracks me up. He's so cool about it, like its something he experiences on a regular basis.
When his turn was up he gave the giraffes another "thumbs up" and waved goodbye. (My bff Shannon just reminded me that Sam has the weirdest thumbs. They are double jointed or something. Both of them bend straight up at the bizarre!)
Grandma and I got to give the giraffe a pellet that they reach out to get with their giant tongue.
 I loved it :)
The angle of this pic makes it look like Sam and I have giraffe horns and ears. (PS-He really is happy to be there, but wanted to watch the giraffes, not the camera.)
We also got to pet the stingrays! This was the highlight of the day for me. I think stingrays are some of the coolest animals.
Again, the kid showed no sign of fear.
 We really enjoyed the Phoenix Zoo and had a blast spending time with some family.
For dinner, we took Papa Bailey out to Mexican food at Filiberto's where Sam got a mustache from the quarter machine :)
More pics to come from our trip!

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Shannon Hunnex said...

oh i love the mustache!!! hes such a stud with kind of a weird looking thumb. that thing is straight up!