Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school

Matt, who has already graduated from UW once before, has started school there once again. I'll be honest, I'm not all that excited.

Let me start off by admitting how spoiled I am:

Matt runs the family business. He staffs hospitals around the Puget Sound with RNs and Surgical techs. He works in an office all by himself controlling almost everything from his iPhone. So when I need (ehem, or want) him, all I have to do is call and ask him to come home and he usually grants my wish. Its the perfect life for a needy wife such as myself.

So when I was informed at the UW hosted "Student & Spouse" dinner on Friday that my husband was going to be tacking on 30+ hours of homework a week to his busy, never-closing-because-hospitals-are-open-24-hours-a-day work schedule, I will admit my life as a spoiled rotten princess started to get a little blurry.

Selfish much?

I know. I am. But when things like "be prepared to live like a single parent" and "school comes first for 2 years" are muttered by last years graduates, I am going to probably freak out a little.

But, I trust Matthew. He has our family in mind when he makes big decisions like this and he worked so hard to get into this program.

Not to mention he is going to be great and learn so much. This is such an amazing opportunity and I know that both of us are going to grow a ton over these next years.

Although 2 years sounds like FOREVER right now, its going to go by so fast and in no time he will be tossing his purple and gold hat into the air at another college graduation.
Good luck Matty! We'll miss you ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Im no slacker

Got a call today from my dad. It went a little something like this:

Dad: "Hey, when did you get your new camera?"

Me: "Um, Monday."

Dad: "Then why the heck haven't you put up new pictures of Sam yet?"

The truth is I have been BUSY. I have had a photo shoot every day this week and I have 3 more before the week is through. Editing and posting have become priority.

So Dad, and all the others out there who care, I will be updating soon. To hold you off, here is the 1 picture that I have taken of Sam on my new Canon 7D, which I am LOVING.
Sam's first time in the sprinkler.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Matty takes 4th

Matt had a Jiu-Jitsu tournament yesterday and it took him all week to prepare to weigh in at 169.9lbs. He managed to lose the 12 pounds needed by eating nothing but plain chicken breasts, drinking cayenne laced water and attending daily work outs. By the end of the 7 days he looked as though he had lived through Auschwitz (and kept his a tan.)
Saturday morning he went up against other blue belts in his weight class and came in 4th place. I am very proud of him and even more happy that he was able to fight without getting hurt. Phew.
Here is a video that one of his class mates took since I wasn't able to attend the meet.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It happened.

My camera broke.

While taking pictures of Sam in the bath last night, it shut off randomly and blinked "error 99."

I took it into Kitz today on my way out to the zoo and they say that I have a broken shutter.


After calling around to a few camera fix-it stores I found out that the shutter may just be off its track which could be a cheap fix.

I am taking it in tomorrow to HOPEFULLY get nothing but good, inexpensive news.

If not, looks like Ill be getting a nicer camera sooner than I can afford.

Even though I missed tons of great pics while at the zoo today, I did manage to get some shots from the beach yesterday before the failed shutter. I will admit that I am a little obsessed with Jetty Island and my very sandy boy, Sam.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

At the taste of Edmonds...

Sam got to play with lots of bubbles. Drive a real race car.Meet Captain Jack Sparrowand dance to music from the band, "Asia".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Child labor laws?

Never heard of 'em.
After a long, hard day of work, I will allow a quick 30 minute, strictly regulated and monitored bath with minimal splashing. No standing allowed. He is also forbidden to drink the water or use it as a loo. Sam is such a cute little slave.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Dad...

My Dad is the youngest in his family.
My Dad has always had cool hair.
My Dad grew up in California.
My Dad has been roller skating since he was 4. My Dad served his mission in Thailand and can still speak Thai.
My Dad is an Architect.
My Dad coaches pole vaulting.
My Dad loves being a Grandpa.
My Dad is a singer.My Dad can play guitar better than your dad.
My Dad is a comedian.
My Dad is 49 years old today.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, August 02, 2010

August 1st

We started out the day with a Jiu-Jitsu picnic at a really nice farm owned by a fellow classmate of Matts. They train and breed horses and their property is incredible.

Sam enjoyed all the little things there were to do and eat. He found it especially awesome to eat the olives off of his fingers.He also really liked to play/cheat with the ladder golf set, and pet the giant Leonburger puppy, "Ruben".
Not to mention yell at mommy for informing him that he should find something else to play with. Great, he's already talking back.
Before we left we went into the stables to check out some of the 30 horses that live on the farm.Sam, even after a few previous exposures, is still a little weary of them. Can you blame him? They are pretty large animals compared to his tiny self.
After the picnic we drove over to Matt's parents to take a nap and chow down on more grilled meat.
Sam loves Grandpa's chair. It has a recline button.
Sam and Grandma played outside with all the dogs. Sam is so ecstatic when he gets to play with dogs, and Grandma and Grandpa have 6 of them to chose from.
Jeffrey, Bailey and Daphne. (not pictured is Murphy who wouldnt sit still for a picture.)
The new kids. Dara and Beckett.He loved throwing the ball for Bailey and when Grandma showed him how to use the "chuck-it" it became even more exciting.Jan shows and breeds Brussels Griffons and has 5 of them right now. They each have very different personalities, and are so much fun. Its a miracle that I got this picture.
Dinner was amazing (as always) and Sam enjoyed the after-meal cuddle sessions with some of his favorite people.