Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Cece and Etta

How we (finally) found our girls.

In the middle of August, a friend of mine posted about an adoption situation on Facebook. 

"Family needed to adopt twin girls in Ohio. Contact agency for more details." (post included the images below.)
I immediately sent in our paperwork and our family profile to the person handling the case (along with HUNDREDS of other families) and within a few hours received a reply. 

"Family already found for twin girls."

A couple of days later I was told that the birthmother was going back and forth about her decision and that she was interested in having a phone interview with us. We scheduled a call for Saturday at 1pm. At noon that day I got a call from the social worker that Birth mama wasn't ready to talk and that things were being put on hold. 

We went about our weekend like any other. 

Monday morning I woke up to a phone call. 

"Holly, are you ready to go pick up the twins? Birth Mama is now thinking your family is perfect for her daughters, and she would like to speak to you this afternoon."

We were so excited at the opportunity, but still kept ourselves guarded. That afternoon I spoke to "Rose" (I will call her) and we had an amazing conversation about the girls, about adoption and even our hopes for the future. It seemed like we were old friends and Rose and I had a wonderful time getting to know each other. She told me that her girls, Amiyah and Aniyah were born on June 23rd, 8 weeks early. They spent 4 and 5 weeks in the NICU (with a few premature issues) and she brought them home when they were healthy enough to be discharged. She hoped that she would have more support once she was home, but after a week realized that the best life for these girls would be with a family more prepared to raise two babies. Rose loved these little girls enough to give them a better life than she was able to give.  After our call ended the social worker called to let us know that we were the ones that Rose wanted to adopt her beautiful little girls. 

I flew out to Ohio the next morning. This was very risky as the girls would not be legally free until Friday. I was scared, anxious and fearful, but I was determined and so hopeful that these two were our daughters. 

The agency got me in touch with the foster family that was currently caring for the girls. The foster mother, Roxanne, started sending me updates and pictures of the twins that made the long drive from Chicago to Cincinnati (my flight was cancelled due to a storm) so much easier.  
Early Wednesday morning I arrived at Roxanne's home to meet the girls. It was emotional to say the least! I tried so hard to keep my head in charge of my heart since nothing was set in stone yet, but I couldn't help but fall in love. 

After visiting and getting to know Roxanne's beautiful family, who so graciously cared for these perfect babies, I drove off to my hotel room with TWO little girls. 

First thing we did was snuggle and take a nap. It was amazing to have this alone time with the girls I had traveled across the country for. BEST NAP EVER.

Rose was set to sign the cosent forms on Friday afternoon. On Friday morning I got a call that she was struggling with the decision and wasn't sure if she could do it. Already anxious and sleep deprived, all I could do was vomit into the bathroom sink. My heart hurt. I was so worried that I would be experiencing another loss, this time after spending 2 days with these girls. But I also knew how hard this must be for Rose, who had already become someone special to me. 

Rose and I texted back and forth all morning and I tried to stay positive while caring for the twins. 

At 12pm she texted me that she was on her way to sign. 

Not long after that text, the girls were legally ours. I called Matthew to let him know that he now had 2 daughters and both of us cried happy tears for once.  They were ours. OUR DAUGHTERS. Everything we had gone through, all of the losses, all of the lessons, lead us to these two perfect girls. 

Etta and Cecilia.  

 While we waited for clearance to leave Ohio, we got to know our precious little ones and took advantage of the time we had alone with them. Matthew arrived a week later and we kept having to remind ourselves that this was REAL. Although we were missing our boys, we had two little ladies to keep our attention. 

One week after we were given these amazing gifts, we flew home to our boys. Together at last! Sam and Miles love their little sisters and although we are working hard to get into a routine, we are doing great as a family of 6. 

We continue to have contact with Rose and are thankful for all of her love and support. We feel so blessed to not only have the twins, but to have an incredible example of love and selflessness in Rose. Adoption is truly amazing and humbling. What a journey we endured to complete our family.