Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hippo McDonalds

A year ago we got Sam some hermit crabs in the hope of instilling some responsibility in a kid who I'm sure will grow up surrounded by animals. Little did we know that crabs require ZERO care. The silly things would burry themselves under the sand and we would go weeks at a time without seeing them. Not once did we witness them eating. Somehow they survived and when we took them back to the pet store yesterday, the employee said that they looked really healthy and active. What?

Lamest pets ever. 

So anyway, we were at the pet store dropping off the dogs at the groomer when we noticed a very happy guinea pig during our rounds. 

She came out of her igloo to see us and Sam asked an employee if he could hold her.

We instantly fell in love and it melted my heart to see Sam so happy. 

After sort of talking Daddy into the idea we got all that we needed to take her home!
She is a year old and apparently came from a family of 3 little girls who moved out of he country. So she is very tame and super social. 

Sam didn't hesitate when I asked what we should name her. 

Hippo McDonalds. 

I have NO idea where this came from, but Hippo it is :) By the way, she is as obese as her name would suggest. She's currently on a diet.

Hippo's previous home must have included dogs because she has no fear of the pups. They are pretty intrigued with her but once they get a good sniffing, they leave her alone. 
 We have only had her for 24 hours now, but Sam is constantly holding and playing with her. She doesn't seem to mind the attention at all.

 He introduced her to all of his toys and oddly she seemed interested. She's the perfect little pet for the perfect little pet owner! I am so thrilled to have accidentally found her :)
Neither Matt nor I have ever owned a Guinea Pig so if you have any tips or facts for us, please share!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Journey to 4 or more

We have started an adoption blog. This is a way for us to spread the word about our hopes to adopt.

I met with an adoption attorney last week who gave us some great ideas on how to independently go about the adoption process. I liked the idea because the one thing I hate the most about the process is the lack of control I have had. This way I have something to do while we wait for our match.

So, please share our blog with anyone you may know that has a pulse!