Friday, November 30, 2007

We're in.

Yes, we have finished the move, but we have only begun to unpack. Its been a busy week, and the days have been full of things to do.

Tuesday afternoon I got really sick with a sore throat, ear and nasal pressure and body aches. I was supposed to go home and get the house packed up, but all I could do was cry! Seriously, I have not been that sick in a LONG time. After the Advil wore off (which did nothing) I took some Dayquil since it was the only medication we had not packed up yet. It worked well enough to allow me to pack a little and get some sleep before the moving day.
I called in sick to work on Wednesday morning, knowing that I would also take all day to finish packing everything up at the house. I was so sick, tired and sore but I managed to get it all together. Matt rented a UHaul, I rented my Dad and Cory, and together we managed to get all the furniture and boxes into our new house.

We are all very excited to be home owners, including Princess and Brisbane who are exploring and enjoying the new place, and we can not wait to be done with all this work! Matt got to break in the bath tub last night, and said that it was really comfy. I'm next!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Packing up, and getting out!

This weekend, on top of all the holiday festivities, was spent cleaning out the town home so that we are ready to move out tomorrow. We have to paint all the walls back to white (which is so boring!) and clean all the carpets. The only good thing about the blank walls is that I got a cute picture of Princess. Leave it up to me to be taking pictures when I should be helping Matt paint :)
We also got to drive up to the house yesterday and see how everything was coming along. I am so excited about the yard! Its so perfect for Brisbane! They also put up house numbers, which for some reason made it very official for me.

Thanksgiving Weekend

First off, we hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We had a great weekend, and got all the turkey we could muster.
On Wednesday after work, Matt and I met Cory and Alex at Petco to buy them puppy supplies for an early Christmas present. Dundee is still such a good pup, and had a great time playing around with all the toys. He was all tuckered out by the end of the trip!
Thanksgiving morning we headed over to my parents to help prepare the feast. My mom had set up a beautiful dining room complete with place setting cards. The boys got to watch a little football too, which is a must on this holiday. My parents had no idea that Cory had a new puppy, so it was a huge surprise when they walked into the house with Dundee. My mom melted! She is the biggest Aussie fan on planet earth, not to mention its like having a new grand baby. Her "cooking all day" stress was gone in an instant. Her dogs Boomer and Bandi were also very interested in this new addition. The dinner was great, the pies were wonderful and the company (dogs and all) was perfect. We had a great time (and a small nap.)
After a few hours at the Bailey's, Matt and I headed out to Shilshole to meet up with his family for dinner at "Ray's".This was the second year that we have eaten at Rays, and it was good, but not impressive. So Jan decided that she would go ahead and make a thanksgiving feast on Sunday.
After our last Sunday at in the Issaquah 5th ward, we drove out to the Aprecio's and had a very fun night. Chris, Tiffany and Garrett joined us, and dinner was so good. The turkey was huge! Matt got to help with the turkey and the rest of the goods along with watching a little football with his dad.At dinner we got to open "poppers" and all of us got really fun (but cheesy) gifts. Then Shauna and Garrett made dessert, and everyone partook! It was so good.After dinner, we all got to try our skills at Guitar Hero, including Jan!
Then we all got into teams and played a few games of "Guesstures". Here is Matt during his turn. Can you tell what the word is that he is acting out?
If you have realized that there are no full body shots of me, thats because I have gained weight after eating 3 THANKSGIVING FEASTS in one weekend and I am embarrassed of my size. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cory's new puppy!

Last night, Cory and I drove out to Gig Harbor to buy him a puppy! He and his girlfriend Alex have been wanting one for a while, and Cory heard of an Aussie litter that was available. 16 PUPPIES!!! They were all over the place! It was my heaven! Cory fell in love with the Blue/Red Merle male, and it didn't take him long to decide that they were meant for each other.This little guy was SO cuddly and calm. He just sat and watched the other puppies chew and play. He was the sweetest one for sure! After getting seriously lost in "Purdy" and "Allyn", we headed home to give this baby a bath. (He smelled like piddle) He wasn't too sure about the bath, but as long as Cory talked to him and held him, he sat there very patiently and waited for it to stop. He is so little he fit in the sink! Briz was very interested in what this little thing was, and I was surprised to see how good she was with him. We'll have a puppy for her to play with one day. Congrats to Cory and Alex and their new adorable puppy, "Dundee."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catch Up

I thought I would write a little about the things going on right now since I am getting so many questions about it.

First off, about Matt's health. He saw a specialist a couple of weeks ago, but the Dr had not seen his CT Scans yet. So he just had the consultation to go off of, and supposedly he believes that Matt has Chrones Disease. Before they diagnose it as such, they are going to do a few more test including one where Matt gets to swallow a tiny camera that takes pictures of his innards. Cool. We are also waiting for the office to request and look at his ER records. Until then, Matt is just keeping it cool and trying to eat "safe" foods.

Second, the house. We are still waiting for the official "ok" but things are looking really good. We heard from the bank that everything is almost complete regarding the loan and our official closing date is the 26th of this month. Matt just signed the fence line paperwork, so they will be getting started on our yard. We are still busy selling all of our current furniture so that we can start off with new stuff in the house. We are very excited to move in and decorate and we love that we will be close to Chris and Tiffany (Matt's cousins) who just announced a pregnancy! We're going to an uncle/aunt! Congrats to them.

Other than that things are pretty normal. We are getting ready for the Holiday Season (I cant believe its here!) and love that we will have a home to decorate for Christmas. Briz and Tina are doing good, and even though Princess is really lonely without Armani, she is also doing fine. She actually comes to us for attention now...its weird. We are both working hard at our jobs and still manage to get some "together" time at the end of the day either playing XBOX or dinner out.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dinner with friends

Saturday night we met up with Ben and Janet from Calgary. Matt knew Ben from his mission, and he and Janet headed down this way for some Seattle shopping. We drove into Seattle to the Melting Pot, and everything was so good. The dessert alone is worth going (and the price). Then we drove them up to Kerry Park for the beautiful view.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dodge Ball

"Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge." -Patches O'HulihanMatt is on a Dodge ball league with his friends Brett and Aaron. I finally got the chance to watch a game last night, and it was so fun. I couldn't get any good pictures because the lighting was horrible and everyone moved around so quickly.
Everyone was a really good sport, and I believe Matt's team won 4-11. Here he is all alone on the court. The rest of his team got pegged out, and he managed to catch the other teams balls for a win. Go Matty!Here is Matt and Brett stretching before the game. They are really serious about this sport!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Harrison + Whip = Real Excitement!

For those of you who don't know (there are probably very few of you) I am a little, ok a lot obsessed with Indiana Jones. There are only two words that describe my love for the series, and they are "drooling" and "aww". I learned both of these in grammar school.

So you can imagine my excitement for the 4th movie that is to be released on May 22nd 2008. I was reading through some "Indie News" today, and I found this gem of a picture.They just announced that Karen Allen will be a part of the new movie "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". I LOVED her as Marian in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and I cant wait to see her again!! Its also great to see that Shia LaBoufe has also been casted. (Even though he looks like a homeless guy in the picture)

So, get out your khakis and brown suede hats, because the count down has begun!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Offer Accepted!

They finally accepted our offer on the house! We are so excited, and we got everything that we need included in the buy. A big thank you to Matt's parents who have been helping us along the way, and to Chris and Tiffany for all of their assistance.
The house is 3 bedrooms (a HUGE master) and 2.5 baths. The downstairs bathroom has the cutest sink! (I am easily pleased) The kitchen is very roomy, and all the appliances are stainless steel. They are also including a brand new washer and dryer and a fenced and landscaped back yard. The garage has more than enough space and Matt is very excited to build a shelving unit in there. There are wood floors in the dining room, kitchen and entry and the rest is carpeted with a REALLY nice shag. The fireplace is gas, and there is a lot of storage space. The house is right next to a wildlife preserve so we get to hear frogs instead of the road and watch blue herons! I'm excited to see what Princess will hunt out of the pond. Actually, not really.I love everything about it!