Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bachelorette Party

This last weekend I gave my best friend Shannon a bachelorette party because her Maid of Honor was too busy to put things together. I only had a week to plan, but it worked out so great! I decided to make it a "Pretty Pretty Princess" Party, just like the game I used to play when I was a little girl. This is the invitation I put together for it. It is an edited version of the front of the game, and I inserted Shannons face into the princess's. This was a big hit!I figured that getting married was a lot like going from a princess to a queen, so I did a little presentation with a crown and sash. It worked out really well for the party. There were games throughout the day/night that you had to win to get jewelry and crowns. It was so much fun. We all met at Shannons house on Lake Washington where we ate lunch and cake and played a "How well do you know Shannon" game. Then we went on a scavenger hunt through tht city where we had to spell out letters from Shannons name. Here is Kari and Lauren making an "R" at the troll.The first team to finish got to wear princess crowns the rest of the night. My team got last because we had no idea how to get to Gasworks park, and traffic was really bad! Here we are spelling a "C" at Kerry ParkFrom there we went to "The Garage" which is a really neat bowling place in Seattle. We had such a blast! We had our own private area to eat and play around and we had enough room for all the girls to bowl 2 full games. Here is Shannon (a little intoxicated) before she started to bowl. Yes, she is carrying a "you-know-what" that her sister gave her to wear around. "Willy" became the mascot of the party.Once we had played a few games we headed out to a dance club called Venom. It was packed full of people, but we didnt mind too much because we got the VIP room! We all danced until 2 in the am and then headed on home. All the girls that attended were a lot of fun, and did a great job helping to give Shannon a good "last single night out".

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Brother

My brother turned 21 yesterday. My parents took us all out to a nice seafood dinner where we gave Cory the gifts that we got him. Matt and I bought him an adjustable dumbell and some hair products because he is "growing a fro". We had a great time. Neither Cory or Matt have ever had brothers so I am always excited to see how well they get along.Cory just moved back here from Utah a few months ago and it has been really nice to have him back home. Recently we got to hang out in the city and we took the elevator up to the top of the Space Needle.I know that its common for parents to feel old when their child becomes legal, but is it weird when an older sibling feels that way? It seems like just yesterday we were building forts under the ping pong table and planning pranks to play on all the babysitters. When Cory was born, my parents asked me what I wanted to name him. I thought long and hard and decided to name him after my hero at the time, Bill Cosby. I threw a fit when I heard my parents call him Cory instead of Cosby the day they brought him home from the hospital.

And now he's 21! Its hard enough realizing that I am aging, now I have to see my brother do so too? I guess years from now, when he is turning 50, I will look back and say "Seems like just yesterday you were 21..."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like summer.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day!! I have to say that I have never seen anywhere as pretty as Washington is in the Summer. (Too bad there is only one week of it!) The pets and I spent the afternoon sitting out on the deck enjoying the sun while Matt worked on his car below us. Princess, too skiddish to come outside, watched the fun from the door.
Brisbane started to bark at the neighbors coming home, and Armani thought it would be funny to eat my newly planted flowers, (you can see he already ate all the petals off that daisy! Little butt head)so they spent the rest of the night enjoying the weather from the other side of the screen door.
Matt and I just got a new BBQ from some friends that moved back to Utah, and we are sure putting it to use! Its the perfect size for our back deck, and it works great. Last summer we ate out almost everyday because it was too hot to cook inside, so it will be nice to have the BBQ to make our own dinners outside this year, and save some money.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Baileys

I love old photographs.
This is a picture of my fathers family. Im not sure what year this is, but I think I remember my dad saying he was about 5 in this picture. (Hes the youngest) An old friend of theirs found this recently when he was cleaning out his home, and its one that the family hadnt seen since it was taken. As far as I know, its the best one of the Baileys!

The Birthday Girls

Laurel and Aubrey share the birthday of May 3rd. Laurel turned 9 this year, and Aubrey 5. I cant believe how big they are getting! They had a pool party, and sadly Matt and I didnt get there in time to swim, but we were able to give the girls their gifts and see them in their tropical attire. Matt and I got Laurel a really cute Roxy purse filled with hair goodies from Claires. She loved it! Its no suprise since she is always asking for me to do her hair. We got Aubrey a really cute top with a matching sweater. We thought clothes would be good since most of her stuff is handed down from her older sister. And also, when it doesnt fit her, it can be baby Danas!

The Metropolitan

Matts parents took us out to the Met for dinner because it was Shauna and Jans birthday, not to mention that it was also Mothers day. The food there is amazing, and the wait staff was great too. If you have a chance to go, you have to get steak!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Ospreys

There is an osprey nest on the 76 stations sign next to my office. Its been fun watching the parents bring the baby food, and get hounded by upset crows. This is the best picture I could get. The sign is really tall...


After a beautiful, sunny day Matt and I had a few friends over for BBQ'd bugers and then a good game of bowling. Can I just say that yesterdays weather made me so excited for the summer! It better stay nice like this for a while because I dont think I can take another day of rain. Anyway, Matt, Shauna, Brett and I went bowling last night, and I played my worst game ever! My first game I only got an 84!! Sad right? I ended up winning the second game but only because Matt and Brett played around with running to the lane to see how fast they could make the ball go into the pins instead of focusing on winning.

Cinco de Mayo

Matt, Shauna and I went to Corys house in Greenlake this weekend to watch the Cinco De Mayo fight between Oscar DeLaHoya and Mayweather. (It sucked by the way! Oscar lost, but totally kicked butt in my book.) Matt and Cory did some fighting of their own. Aww, just like brothers!
Im sure Matthew would like me to add that he won, with Cory tapping out in the first round :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I love my puppy Brisbane!


On Thursday nights I head down to a bar called Malarky's to sing with a bunch of random band memebers from the Seattle area. Its a lot of fun, and my dad and I are always a big hit. This last Thursday, Matt came to support.