Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Sam was very sick today so we spent a lot of time resting in front of the TV. Some cartoon was teaching about emotions and Sam was quick to memorize all of the different facial expressions. After the Motrin kicked in (it makes him cray-zeee!) he asked me to take his picture.

I obliged.

Surprised, happy, angry and sad.
Sam is such a sweet boy, even when he's not feeling well.
After the emotions photoshoot, Sam asked me to "take a picture of my new pajamas for Bub to see". They say "rockstar in the making."
Hopefully he will start feeling better soon. It's so sad to see my little guy so sick. (although, he looks perfectly happy and healthy in today's images :)

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Colton said...

Those faces are hilarious. I love seeing kids facial expressions.

Now that I'm thinking about it, do you think that we all learned our facial expressions? I guess I always thought that they were intuitive. But if you dropped someone off on an island as an infant and they somehow grew to adulthood without having anyone else around, would they still make the same facial expressions? Weird.