Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Also known as a day where we get each other gifts and then have a normal night.

Matty came home with some dark chocolate (85% is the ONLY way I do chocolate-and it makes me sneeze every time I bite into it. Does anyone else experience this?) and two books, "Tina Fey-Bossypants" and "Stephen King-81 Mile".

I finally managed to buy him something he has been asking for for YEARS. A crab pot and rope. I even designed him a little card to go with the theme of the gift.
That's as cheesy as we get, my friends. We exchanged gifts, kissed and ordered Japanese food. Then we watched some TV and went to bed separately. And that is how you do V-Day after 6 years together. :)

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Colton said...

Valentine's...also known as the day that I go home and cry into a glass of chocolate milk. Although someone actually baked me cookies this Valentine's! It made me feel...visible, at least.

I'm so glad you got Matt a crab pot! I guess I know what we're doing the next time I visit! PLEEEEEAAAAASE?!?!