Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cory + Jenny

Today we got to be a part of my little brothers wedding day. He and Jenny wanted a small, intimate ceremony so they kept the date a secret to all but some of their closest friends and family. We felt so lucky to be witness to this perfect day!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The truth about being 11 months.

Getting older and smarter (and bigger) is something to be happy about, but it definitely has its costs. This boy is a HANDFUL! But because we love him so much, we're able to get past the stress of the stair climbing, diaper removing, fit throwing, dirt eating 11 month old and love him just the same. 

This kid brings so many smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts. As cheesy as that sounds, its so, so true. 

He's silly, smart, curious, loud, agressive and very independent. 

Miles can say "Dog, Don't, Go, Dada, Mama, Papa, Bub, No, Stop, and Ah-Choo!" 

He has 4 teeth on bottom, and two on top. He's a big boy and is very close to walking on his own. Miles eats almost everything but his favorite foods are pulled pork and blueberries. 

His favorite thing in the world is his big brother, but he also loves cars, balls, airplanes, dogs, toothbrushes, dirt, playing in water, getting thrown on the bed and his blanket. 

Miles HATES getting water on his face, having toys taken away from him, getting told "No!" and being hungry. Although he doesn't cry too often, he can get pretty angry, this kid. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


I totally cried. Dropping my "mini me" off for his first day of school was scary. He'll be learning things that I didn't teach him. He'll get hurt and not have mommy to run to. He will achieve something big and not come running to me first. And it will be this way until he graduates….blarg.

Other selfish reasons to want this kid around include having him help me reach the remote, grab diapers and entertain his brother. Wow, I sound lazy. Also, Im so going to miss our daily adventures and morning cuddles on the couch.

But you know what, Im so proud of Sam. He's strong, independent and a seriously special kid. Sam is SO very social and has had no reservations about saying good bye to home life and hello to his education and new friends. His only fear, "getting hungry"during class. ;)

I have PLENTY to keep my busy while Sam's away at school. Miles is as needy as ever and I think I am really going to enjoy my one on one time with him. Oh, and maybe a new show to binge watch? Probably.

Here's to a new school year, a big kid and a growing brain! Go Sam!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Summer 2014

We had the greatest summer. I am especially sad to see it go, although we really did pack it full of fun and had so many beautiful days. Best summer so far!! 

4th of July
 So many days spent in the backyard pool. 
 We played at many parks. 
 Both the boys really enjoyed picking blueberries. 
Miles especially loved the eating them part.   
 We spent a week with friends in Oregon and 
Miles enjoyed himself thoroughly. 
 Sam and Daddy's favorite part was exploring the tide pools. 
 We have the greatest neighborhood and spent many days sharing popsicles, playing in yards and riding bikes. 
 The highlight of my summer was Whale watching with 
some of my family and my best friends. 
 We seriously spent so much time in the yard. 
 I took the boys camping and luckily had my parents 
help because it was a disastrous idea ;) 
 Family trip to the Zoo!
 My boys and I enjoyed so many hikes this summer! 
Our favorite trek is still Heather Lake. 
 Sam learned a lot this summer. He can ride his bike, tie his shoe and has mastered lake swimming. 
 Mymy LOVES swings. Like, could do it for hours on end. 
 The end of our summer is usually marked by the state fair. 
We had a blast even in the heat.