Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Seattle Science Center

Yesterday Sam and I hung out at the Science Center with some of our friends. We had a good time and thanks to Quinn, it was also free!

Grayson, (don't let the frown fool you, he did have fun) Sam and Bella.
Sam checking out the anemones. This kid has NO fear.Talise and Grayson. He would touch the creatures and then squeal with excitement. It was so funny.
The butterfly garden is the best part of the center. The kids were very careful to watch their step and kept trying to get the butterflies to land on them.
Tyler loved it so much he went through the garden twice. He kept telling everyone "Don't stomp! Be careful."


ARNY said...

Holly, the butterfly picture is incredible. Just lovely.

Marian Bulger said...

Holly - the pictures of the kids are just adorable (as always!)
But the butterfly picture is really nice!!!