Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A name and a celebration

Girl names. Something Matt and I have struggled with while waiting for all of our babies. Fortunately for us, we ended up with 2 boys :) This time however, we are 100% sure we are having a girl and it is time to nail down a name for her.

We wanted a name that reminded us of our moms, especially Matt's mom Jan who passed away 3 years ago. We settled on "Jane" as a middle name, combining Janet and Jackie and decided to pick a floral name for her first since both of our mothers are gardeners and love flowers.

We sent a list of our favorite flower names to the birth family. Both the birth mother and father picked the same name that Matt and I were hoping to call her.
We are only 3 weeks away from meeting Poppy and we are all so ready to have her in our arms. Our birth mom has proved to be so strong and sweet and we are looking forward to meeting her too. As we wait for "the call" we prepare to have a newborn in our home once again!

This weekend I was given the most beautiful shower in honor of Poppy's arrival. The family who planned and hosted created amazingly adorable little details from beautifully framed adoption quotes to Nevada shaped cookies (the birth state of our daughter)
Im so thankful to have an incredible support system in my friends and family. These people know the road we took to get here, and are just as happy to be welcoming another perfect baby into our family! Two of my biggest advocates are Jamie and my Mom. Jamie (who threw me the shower) was the social worker to Miles' birth mom and knows all the amazing ups and horrible downs of adoption. I can ask her anything about any of my experiences and chances are she has been there too! My Mom is my "realist" who I call when I need someone to tell me to "calm down, have peace and faith." Which believe me, I have to be reminded of this hourly. 
My friend Rachael, who spent the day with me as we toured the mall kids free, made these ADORABLE lip balms for my guests that read "Lip Prep for Poppy Kisses." I mean, how sweet is that!!?? (Shameless plug: Check her out on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/LipLove?ref=l2-shopheader-name)
Penelope's wardrobe ROCKS. I can not wait to dress up my little lady!
The Dillon girls made us some amazing blankets and burp rags. They have given all my babies hand made items that hold so much importance to me. 
Yes, she will be a Seahawks fan!!!
Leopard Print was a MAJOR theme, which I loved :) Baby Poppy will wear animal print for as long as I have control of her style! 
Sarah got us clothing for Poppy to wear during her TWO planned trips to Hawaii (in her first year). This little lady will be quite the Jet Setter! 
 I can't stress enough how lucky we are to have these people in our life. Adoption is hard and I cant imagine doing it without all the support I have from these wonderful, understanding people. This sweet baby of ours will be so loved by so many amazing people, it will be impossible for her not to feel special too. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A sister update!

Our adoption process to bring home baby sister is going as good as can be expected. As we prepare for our trip to Las Vegas, we become more excited and more nervous for the events to come. 

Our birthmother continues to be strong and healthy and we are looking forward to meeting our daughters birth family very soon. This little girl is going to have so many people loving on her, she'll learn so much from her large support system. 

Her nursery is ready, she has a closet full of clothes and we are all so ready to meet baby "P"!  
I planned to paint the recliner as well, but I'll never find the time. The foot stool alone took 4 days! Baby girl wont care :) 
I am obsessed with the rug. In fact, I had other plans for her room when I found this piece and it changed my entire design. Its even prettier in person. I made the blanket to match and I cant wait to wrap her up in it!
I am hoping to find more (cute) black american dolls to have in her room. They are not easy to find. But I LOVE this one, and she came with the name "Amy" which is special to me. (My cousin's name was Amy, she passed away in 2002)
I wanted a "Floral" theme in her room since both of her grandmas love flowers. Even her name will fit the theme. A picture of Grandma Jan is also included in her room so that Little Sister will always know of her. 
We are in the process of building her a doll house. Miles pulls it apart daily so we'll probably wait to add the rest of the furniture until he loses interest. 
 All of the paintings were hand painted by me and Sam. I hope she'll treasure them some day! Getting her room ready was a great way to pass the time and now we feel excited to show her all of the fun things we've collected for her over the months of waiting. Including clothes! This girl has some adorable hand me downs I am just dying to see her in. 

February 17th is coming right up!