Friday, April 06, 2012

Sam's "Giraffe room."

Sam saw an image on the computer months ago of a little girls room with a giraffe painted on the wall. Ever since then he has been asking for a "giraffe room for my house."

I like the kid a lot so I do what I can to make him happy.

I hand painted this giant giraffe on Sam's wall. He named her "Africa", and talks to her occasionally.
We want Sam to play in his room more so making more space to set up train tracks and read books was important in the design.
I still sit and read to Sam when I have the chance so the rocker had to stay.

I had other plans for these frames. I found an amazing photographer that took these seriously adorable pictures of baby animals. But they cost $20 a print and I had to say no to the idea. These silhouettes were made from images I found on Google. I touched them up in photoshop and, voila! Free art!

Sam loves the stars on his ceiling and we bought a really cool nightlight that projects the solar system over his bed.

I painted an area of his wall with magnetic paint, and then covered it with the original wall color. Sam really enjoys playing with the magnets that I spray painted to match the colors of his room.

His hermit crabs and book shelf.
So far, Sam has been spending a lot more time in his room. It's a nice change for all of us. He really enjoys all of the room and all of the giraffes!

To see how his room looked BEFORE the change, click HERE. It was hard to change the room that my BABY grew up in, but changes were needed.

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Colton said...

I wish you would decorate my room. I have to admit that I sometimes get a little tired of the "old rusty shit" thing that everyone seems to be into right now. Not that it doesn't look great, my sisters and mom love it and even make money doing it, but sometimes seeing something different is refreshing. I love it.