Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter - 2012

Easter morning started off with Sam hunting for eggs in the house and then playing with the new toys the Easter Bunny had left him in his Easter basket.
After breakfast and showers we headed over to the Evergreen fairgrounds to watch a horse show with Shannon and do a little more egg hunting in the arena.
Auntie Shannon took Sam around and introduced him to all the horses. Sam loved to rub their noses and even fed one of the ponies some hay.

After watching Shannon's horse Decker do a few jumps we drove over to Papa's house and played around outside in the beautiful weather.

When it came time for dinner we cleaned up and went inside to play with Bub and Grandma and eat some great food.
Bub serenaded us on the guitar and we all had a great time being together on Easter Sunday!

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