Monday, April 23, 2012

Lizards & Ladybugs - Sam's 3rd birthday party

When Sam asked for a "lizard and ladybug" party I knew right away we could pull it off. We decorated the house with bugs and reptiles and invited the Reptile Man to host a show in our living room. I can not tell you how AWESOME this party was. Everything was so perfect for Sam.

Check it out!
Sam, the morning of, helping me decorate. He was very excited for party hats.

Pom poms. A cheap and easy way to decorate.

They were all over the place because I lacked the time to do much else.

Sam's chocolate truffle cake. This is from Simply Desserts and they are the BEST cakes around. I hate cake and I LOVE theirs.

Caprese. A party is not complete without this...

...or lumpia. People expect it when the come to our house :)

Alexander rockin' his hat.

The ladybugs! I made these little containers with dirt and leaves inside for the bugs to live during the party. The kids were instructed to take them home and release them into their gardens.

I should have snatched a video of Mom and I wrangling all these bugs into each container. We were literally covered with lady bugs and finding them on us hours later. It was a tough, but funny chore!

Lots of bug deco.

Audrey and Shane.

THE REPTILE MAN!!! I mean seriously, this guy is the coolest! I remember him coming to my elementary school when I was little, so it was almost like meeting a celebrity! He brought some amazing animals to the party.

Here he is showing off a Gabon Viper. One of my favorites!
My 3 year old holding Sweet Pea, a Blue Tongued Skink. (Don't be surprised if we get one of these for Sam's next pet. We love them!)
A rattlesnake. He bothered her enough that she rattled for us!
Sam and a Colombian Red Tailed Boa. This kid has ZERO fear when it comes to any animal or bug. He wanted to hold them all!
 Court and the boa.
 Bella and the boa.
This is Oscar, an albino python. He was so sweet, and Sam was very concerned with an "owey" he had on his tummy :)
 Family pic with Oscar.
Court and Kelly.

Audrey enjoying the show.

Then The Reptile Man brought out a REAL AMERICAN ALLIGATOR! She was really sweet and she made us all laugh when she fell asleep in his arms.

Lucy the Alligator.
 Sam holding Lucy! He's so brave!

 Everyone got to pet her.
 To my Mom's delight, the Reptile Man brought out a Tortoise. The kids got to ride around on "Sponge Bob Scale Pants" and feed him carrots.
 Mom was in heaven :)
 I can not stress enough how awesome The Reptile Man was for a party. Please book him! Everyone had so much fun.

The list of reptiles we got to see and pet are, Blue Tongued Skink, Monkey Lizard, Gila Monster, Rattlesnake, Gabon Viper, American Alligator, Tortoise, Burmese Albino Python, Milk Snake, Rubber snake, Colombian Red Tailed Boa,  and a Spitting Cobra!
You can't beat that for entertainment!

After the reptile show, Sam opened presents and we all ate some cake. Papa got Sam a bubble machine and it was a big hit.
 Meanwhile, my brother Cory played outside with the chickens because they were feeling pretty left out of the fun :)
 A HUGE thank you to all that came and made Sam's birthday as perfect as can be. He got some AWESOME toys (that are currently keeping him very busy!) and he got to be with some of his favorite people! I'm pretty sure he will never forget his 3rd birthday!


Kathryn said...

WOW how fun! I am not a huge fan of snakes, but that looked pretty cool.

Stepper the Mighty said...

This is genius! So entertaining and cute, and your favor was such a fun idea. I wish the reptile man made calls to utah.

Stepper the Mighty said...

This is genius! So entertaining and cute, and your favor was such a fun idea. I wish the reptile man made calls to utah.