Monday, April 02, 2012


My little helper, runny nose and all.
We have been working really hard in the back beautifying our yard the past few days. It feels good to improve something.

Really good.

While I dug and slaved away, Sam hunted for worms, gave them names and then fed them to the chickens. Not sure if that is one of the first signs of a serial killer or not....

Gardening is very therapeutic for me. I enjoy the thinking, the getting really dirty and the fresh air. It's all something that I have been in desperate need of for a while now. What I don't enjoy is running into a neighbor during the 30 seconds I spent in the front yard un-showered and bra-less. Sorry to scare you, Alycia.

Vitamin D is something that we don't get a lot of here in the Northwest, so when we have the opportunity, we drink it up. Everyone was out enjoying the nice weather. The sound of lawn mowers and laughing kids sure made it a nice spring day. I absorbed every ounce of it.
The muscle and blister pain I am now experiencing is actually easy to tolerate when I look out at all the pretty new shrubs I planted. Nevertheless, I could use a nice relaxing back massage right about now, MATT. (hint, hint)

It's been a hard month and we are glad to see March go. Here's to hoping April brings more fun, pretty blooms, warm sunshine and LOTS OF GARDENING :)


Colton said...

What the heck? You can't go posting about your lovely day and your beautiful new yard and then the only picture you put is Sam with a giant booger. I want to see your shrubberies!

Eww, that sounded gross.

merideth said...

cutest pic ever!!

Shannon Hunnex said...

id also like to see the shrubberies. but your kid is too cute.