Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bye, bye binkies.

I got this great idea from a friend on Facebook (thank you Lisa!) to take your addicted child's binkies to Build a Bear and sew the pacifiers into the animal.


This allows them to still "sleep" with their binks but forces them to lose the habit. Sam had a great time picking out his new friend and even helped put his binkies inside.

"Bye, green binkie! Bye, big binkie! Bye, little binkie!"

I was VERY impressed with how willing he was to say goodbye to the binks. This kid is about as addicted as you can get to something. We would catch him multiple times a day sneaking into his room to "take drags" of his binkies (since they weren't allowed out of his room.). It was so funny, but so pathetic.

Sam and his new puppy aptly named, Binkie.
I was very concerned with getting rid of the pacifier for my own sake. Sam has been an awesome sleeper, never fighting bed time and even putting himself down for naps. It's been so nice.

But last night went better than expected for his first sleep without a binkie. He played around in his room for about an hour and I had to go in there a couple of times to remind him to stay in bed. But soon he fell quiet. When I checked on him he was passed out with Binkie Puppy and blanket in hand.


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Kathryn said...

That is such a great idea! And such a big boy! We love build a bear!