Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A 3 year old.

Sam's 3rd birthday is next week. I can't believe it. He's grown up so much, so fast.

We are planning his birthday party for this weekend. When I asked him what kind of party he wanted he said "A lizard and lady bug party."

So, we're doing our best to make those requests come true.
I may be more excited for the party than he is :)

He had his 3 year exam done today and his stats show lots of 3's! Perfect.

3 feet tall.
30 pounds.
3 years old.
Oh, and did I mention he's SUPER STRONG!


Kathryn said...

Love it! He is so darling!

Colton said...

I love how completely unabashed kids are. I would love to go to a lizard and ladybug party.

merideth said...

i just think our crew and sam would be the best of friends. they seem so similar in many ways from their muscular bodies! to their cute spunkiness.
too bad we live so far.