Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update #1 - Kitchen Backsplash

As much as it stinks to have Matt out of work, its been nice to have him around the house to help with a few projects we have been wanting to tackle.

First up, the kitchen. It was boring and very yellow. What to do....?

I managed to work out a deal with a tile company and put everything together to place a back splash behind our oven. After choosing tile and grout color and watching a few youtube videos, I was ready.

Materials and tools needed:
Tile, grout (non-sanded for glass tile), back splash double sided tape, glass cutter, trow, sponge, cheesecloth and grout sealer.

Here is the kitchen at the start. If you look closely you can see that I have started putting up some of the double sided tape. This product is much easier to use than grouting the tile to your wall.

 Next step is to place tile mosaics onto tape taking extra precaution that it is all level and spaced evenly. Leave area empty around the outlets, and cut single tile pieces to fit. Put outlet cover on after tile has been placed. The cover should sit on top of tile.

Grout tile. Use trow to even out material then sponge off excess. After grout has dried, use cheesecloth to "sand" off dust. I recommend using a grout that is either close to the tile color or darker. We were brave and decided to go with a tan color, but because its such a contrast, it kind of highlights our mistakes.

 The tile sealer that we used recommended waiting 30 days to seal grout. Make sure to follow instructions on the product that you use.

A few hours of cleaning up tile and grout mess and viola! Instant kitchen improvement!

 This project was super easy and makes such a big difference in the kitchen. Overall it took us about 5 hours (a lot of dry time) and approx $200 for our 17sq feet of space. (We used grout that was left here when our house was built, so that was not an expense for us.) The tile can be pricey so search around for the best deal.

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