Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living with teenage chicks

Quite literally.

The girls have most definitely hit the awkward stage of life. They are decorated in half baby down and half adult feathers. It's kind of embarrassing.

If they were human girls they would have greasy hair and zitty skin.
And braces.
And wear small training bras.
And be unable to control the sweat in one armpit.
And have a nerdy boyfriend even skinnier and more awkward than they are.

I might be speaking from experience....

But, I am a biased mother and nothing could deter me from thinking my chickens are pretty darned adorable.

To prove to you their worth, here are 94 pictures of "The Girls".  (I'm only kind of exaggerating.)
Chickens 395
Eating corn.
Chickens 139
They love to look for bugs along the house, eat corn and grass and sleep in the garden.
Chickens 332
Daisy posing, and Daisy stating "no more pictures please."
A little rest.
Chickens 326
Daisy has really started to be a sweet girl. I love this shot of her.
Chickens 215
Their combs (the ridge on the top of the beak) are starting to come in. Dotty has the most perfect little comb.
Doris. She is a pig when it comes to eating and her size proves it. She's my chubby chicken.
Chickens 186
I think she was curious about seeing the shutter in my lens. She was very interested in my camera.
Chickens 013

I know. I'm kind of obsessed. I completely recognize it and accept it without any desire to change it.

On another note, we are so close to being finished with their coop, which will be aptly named the "Chick-Inn", so pictures are soon to come!

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Colton said...

I'm reserving final judgement until I see them for sure, but I'm beginning to suspect that "Dotty" is, in fact, a rooster.