Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Some sun

The nice weather finally arrived here in Seattle. We had the coldest April/May in record history and the depression that it caused was experienced by all of us. We were sick and tired of being stuck inside!

When it was finally warm enough to get out, we soaked up every moment of it.

Sam was thrilled. I put some water in his kiddie pool and he had a blast while Matt and I worked on the chicken coop and the garden.
June 6 205sm

June 6 077sm

June 6 076sm
We also got to bring the chickens outside for some "yard work." They are really great at finding bugs, digging up moss and fertilizing the grass.

By the way, they are big. They look like totally different birds every morning we go into the bathroom to check on them. Not only are they changing in size, but their adult feathers are coming in.

 Its been fun to watch them. They each have such different personalities.
June 6 264

June 6 301
Mrs. Dot. Her feathers are so pretty already. She is still a baby. She cries and cries until she gets attention from either Doris or Daisy. Sam stepped on her foot the other day and she limped around crying for a while. We couldn't tell if she was really hurt or just being dramatic. She's fine now.
June 6 146
Daisy. She has started to like me a little more and loves to steal food from her sisters. Even though she is quickly becoming the littlest of the 3, she is still in charge.
June 6 127
Its funny to me when little "tiffs" or "Chick fights" if you will, break out between these three. The point of the fight is to see who can get the tallest. It ends when one of them flies onto the others back. Its good entertainment.

The rain has come back today which is actually a good thing. Matt and I have tons of work to catch up on and we are forced to do it by the cold weather. But, we would love some more sun soon!

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Colton said...

I forgot that they were still babies. Heck, you could keep all three of them in a box, no problem.