Monday, June 13, 2011


I guess I'm not in the greatest of moods. Its probably the fact that its June and we still have NO SUN and NO HEAT. I hate it.

Here are some other things I loathe as well.

Flo from those Progressive commercials. How am I supposed to like her? She's annoying, stupid and has horrible hair and yellow teeth. Why would any of those things make me want to buy insurance?

Cilantro. The Thai word for this spice literally translates to "Piss weed."

Cottonwood "Snow". I am so allergic to these seeds and there is no hiding from them here in Washington. My red eyes and stuffy nose would love to rid the world of these trees.

Fish. Whitney Smith said it best when she asked "Why should we eat meat that when its done right doesn't taste like itself?" Explanation: If it tastes fishy, its bad. Therefore, fish is bad.

"Just freakin' say something already" movies. You know, the ones where everything would work out fine if the main character hadn't just spun a web of lies to cover something up? Movies like Meet the Parents, The Proposal, My Best Friend's Wedding and Hitch are just a few that came to mind.

Having my feet touched. I'm not foot-phobic, meaning I don't have a problem with other peoples feet, I just HATE having my feet rubbed, pedicured or even grazed. I will NEVER have my toe nails filed.

Mountain Dew. On top of being flat out gross its the color of something nuclear reactive. Its probably toxic.

Leopard Geckos and Cockroaches. For some odd reason they both really creep me out.

Nail snags. I go crazy if a nail chips and starts to snag on clothes or my hair. I will do whatever it takes to find a file asap.
Food TV shows. I don't want to watch people eat food. I want to eat food.
Public bathrooms. I am not normally a germaphobe (if thats even a word), but I don't do well with commonly used restrooms. I will do anything it takes to "hold it" until I get home.

Un-toasted bread. Its all moist and gets stuck in your teeth and on the roof of your mouth...yuck. Toast it.

And I guess that's about it for my negative rant.

What do you hate? And if you say that its people who hate Mountain Dew or leopard geckos, I may have to add you to my list.


Colton said...

I share some of these abhorrences with you and just outright disagree with others. How can you like bearded dragons, but not like leopard geckos? Also, fish is so delicious, I'm practically digesting myself just thinking about it. I can't wait to come to Seattle and eat some wild sockeye salmon.

BUT, I also hate cilantro. It makes anything nasty. I likewise hate the argument that some people use to defend cilantro and it's evil minion vegetables (onions): "You can't even taste it". Then LEAVE IT OUT.

I also hate Mountain Dew. I'm not concerned that it is nuclear or whatever, but it is just GROSS. If I'm going to drink something that unhealthy, it better be delicious, that's for damn sure. And I hate liar movies, too. Although brutal honesty isn't always the best policy, either. I mean, I'm 28 and still single.

The Cox Trio said...

Wow, I'll be steering clear of you for a while... :-) I do LIKE your new layout.

The Grandy's said...

I hate comments from other people in the grocery store when I have all my kids with me. "Wow, you're brave" or "You have FOUR kids?". Like I WANT to be shopping with all of them. I'd rather be gouging my own eyes out than dragging my children through a busy Fry's.

I also hate Yo Gabba Gabba. For obvious reasons.

Oh, and I hate running out of bobbin right when I'm about to finish sewing a project. I've been known to throw myself on the floor and flail around in a fit of rage if that happens.

Man, I'm getting angry just thinking about things that make me angry.


whitney said...

HAAAAAAAA! i loved every single on of your "hates"! and agreed 100% on all of them.

you are too funny!

hope all is well.