Thursday, June 23, 2011

My doctor visit

I went to the doctor on Monday with a list of concerns. It has been 2 years since I have been insured so we have been very lucky that there haven't been any emergencies.

First on the list was a lump that Matt found on the back of my leg 3 weeks ago. Not only has it not gone away, but it has turned black. Now, I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure black is never a good color to have on your body...

The doctor stated that she had no idea what it was and that she would do some blood tests to see if there was "an infection or something".

What does "or something" mean?

My CBC came back completely normal. Looks like we'll have to biopsy the ugly sucker. That should be really fun.

The second thing we discussed was the fact that I have been having little black outs every once and a while. Not to the extent of passing out, I just lose vision for a few seconds and my heart beats really frantically. One time I couldn't catch my breath or stand up my legs were so weak. (This is the event that pushed us to get me insured. It was really scary.)

The doctor ordered an EKG and that too came back totally normal. Good news? Yes. But I would love to know why I occasionally feel like I have just run a marathon.

The other concerns I had were minor. I have an appointment with a dermatologist to get some moles removed, a new allergy medication regimen (that is working!), a date to discuss the possibility of a future pregnancy with my Gyno and a glimmer of hope to rid myself of seasonal depression. (that so far has lasted 4 seasons. Thank you Washington.)

Overall, I feel a little better. Its good to know I don't have anything REALLY wrong with me and that I now have a little plastic card that allows me into hospitals when I am not feeling right.

I'm sure the stress from not having insurance played a small part in my bad health.

Now that's irony.

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Momma J said...

For the black out and heart flutters I would suggest requesting to wear a halter monitor. The symptoms are similar to when I had an SVT problem and all my EKGs would come back normal. Depending on how frequent the black outs and flutters are they have a 24hour monitor or a 1 week monitor you can wear. These monitors can record the heart rhythms and then they can find problems that aren't occurring 24/7. They caught my SVT with a 24 hour monitor and I ended up having surgery and that is why I am still here today. Are they sending you to a cardiologist?