Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty Training

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Sam has never been the kind of kid to hang around in a wet diaper. And he definitely does not tolerate a poopy one. Seriously, Sam even wigs out when there is a little food on his hands. CLEAN FREAK. A gene passed down from his daddy.

We figured that he was going to start using the toilet pretty early on so we went out and bought all of the necessities.

Elmo Toilet seat-check.
Pull ups-check.
Buzz/Woody underpants-check.

The first week he did AMAZING. He would come up to you (grabbing his man parts) saying, "Poop? Poop?" and then he would sit on the potty munch his candy and do business. He succeeded every day for 8 days.

Although he has yet to pee in the potty I was sure we were getting close to being pampers free.  Until he stopped preemptively informing us about his "Poop?" and regressed back to diaper-hood.

So, now its just a guessing game on weather or not he is telling us what he has done in his pants, or what he is going to do on the potty. We haven't tried any training tips yet, so if you know of any good ones, please let me know. I know he's still young, but we were so close, I cant turn back now!


Colton said...

I'm of absolutely no use here, but at least now that I have visited, I can envision the rooms where things are happening! Like the downstairs bathroom next to the front door.

Although I did like the peeing on cheerios idea. Hey, I just had a thought...does Matt ever pee around Sam? I know that doing what your daddy does is kind of a big deal for little boys.

Anonymous said...

My cousin would put Fruit loops in toliet and let her boys try and shoot 'em. Worked like a charm. Also helped their aim:) I however have no expertise in the subject. So, good luck:)

Anonymous said...

Weird. I don't know where my picture went. But it is me. Lindsey Davis Walker. Just so you weren't wondering where the ingenius idea come from:)

Jill said...

let him be naked! then he has no choice but to go to the potty!

Stepper the Mighty said...

I'll give you the advice that was given to us - even though things turned out differently for us. Don't they always?

My doctor said - let your praise be the reward. When he goes successfully on the potty, make it a BIG DEAL. And when he messes his pants (or diaper), don't get cross at him. Instead, be aloof. You're too tired or busy from cleaning up the mess to play with him for a while. He'll discover pretty quickly that using the toilet is MUCH cooler.

Advice from my mom - Take a whole day to focus on this (so do it on a day you don't have any other obligations). Go to the kitchen (or wherever there's tile/wood floor) and set up shop. get books, toys, etc. So you guys can just park there for the day. Then get him all his favorite kinds of drinks. Especially juices because they move through the system faster. And let him drink ALL HE WANTS. This'll give you lots of opportunities to 'try' it out. And let him run around with no pants on. Ask him every so often if he wants to use his Elmo potty. Every time he does, make it a big deal. Maybe even call daddy to tell him the great news! Supposedly, by the end of the day, he should totally 'get it'.


Potty Training was such an unknown zone for me. I was more intimidated by it than Wyatt was! But then it was like, one day he just figured it out. And we never had one accident.

Oh - I've also heard to avoid using the pull-ups. Too much like a regular diaper. Get cheap-o underwear so that it feels different and he won't be as okay with messing them up. (but get the cheap-o so that if you have to, you can just toss 'em!)

Windy said...

My mom's trick to potty training my brother was to skip the diapers and pull-ups all together. Wet/ dirty undies are no fun! The second part of it was that she made my brother clean up his own accidents, of course she helped, but within a week of rinsing poopy undies out and having to wipe up his own piles he finally figured it was just easier to put it in the potty.

Here's a link that was shared with me that seems like a decent idea:

My son is 20 months old now, and he's not ready for potty training yet so I don't have my own first hand stories about it yet. Good luck and thanks for sharing!