Friday, February 18, 2011

Ladies Night

Last Friday (yes, I am a little behind in blogging) I met up with Courtney and Kelly while they vacationed the weekend away at Tulalip Casino and Hotel.

We started the night off with an AMAZING dinner at Tulalip Bay and then headed into the casino for some good ol' gamblin'.
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By the way, don't bring your camera into the casino. I guess its bad. I got in trouble twice (I'm a rebel) by the same guy. Silly rules.

All 3 of us managed to come out ahead! Kelly and Court won close to $100+ each and I came out with a whopping $12. I was actually quite content with that POSITIVE number.
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When we decided it was a good time to pull out, we headed up to the hotel room and changed into our bathing suits for the Spa Hot Tub.

It was so relaxing and fun, and as much as I love my boys, it was a GREAT girls night out!

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