Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Zoo...again.

I recognize that I have posted Zoo trips approximately 30 times in the 5+ years I have been blogging. What can I say? We love the Zoo.

On Friday I begged/guilted Matt into coming with us and we met up with the Cox family in Seattle at Woodland Park Zoo. This was a MUCH needed break away from the norm for both of our families.

It was a somewhat sunny day, but still very cold. The boys, who spent most of the time out of the strollers, didn't seem to be affected by the temperature at all. The rest of us kept warm with hot chocolate and the Tropical Rainforest exhibit.

Although most of the animals were napping, we got to hear the Lion grunting, the Tiger growl and play with a ball and the Hippo made Sammy jump when it trumpeted and blew water out of its nose. It was quite the noisy day! (PS-Hippos have REALLY bad breath. Matthew gagged.)
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1 comment:

Colton said...

I don't get sick of your zoo posts...because I'm a hopeless animal nerd, and I haven't been to a zoo myself in years. So thanks.

That lion picture is awesome.