Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Proud parents

This Sunday Matt and I hurried to the nursery room to check on Sam in between Sunday School and the 3rd hour class. Yes, we do that. Its possible that we are a wee bit hurt that the little man has yet to ask for mommy and daddy during 2 hours away from us. He's a little too independent for two very needy parents.

Anywho, we arrived at the nursery window right before snack time. Sam was sitting at the long table with all the other 18m-3 year olds while Matt and I squished our heads together to be able to watch him (hoping not to be seen). When the leader asked an older child to say a  blessing on the food, our little angel was the first to bow his head and fold his arms.

That's when Matt whispered, "We've done it."


In between the too much TV and the leaving the diaper wet for a little too long, we are somehow doing something right. He has learned reverence and respect.

And really, that's what matters, right?


The Dillon 6 said...


Colton said...

Yay! This made me smile.

The Cox Trio said...

Soo cute! Last night before bed Eli listed "Sammy" in his prayers... But of course he also mentioned Percy (the train) so I think we still have a ways to go :-)