Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The mornings are hard for me. Are you a morning person? Because I am NOT. EVEN. REMOTELY.

I have a problem staying up late at night in an attempt to spend as much time with Matty as I can.
On top of a 1 or 2am bed time, Sammy has been having rough nights due to a snotty nose and a cough.

Rough nights=crabby mommy.

Then the light hits our windows and I start stressing over all the things that need to be done in the day and my mood elevates to "total grump." I hate it.

Yesterday morning was like most at our house. Only this morning we had Daddy home with us.

Before getting ready to head into the Drs office for a diagnosis on Sam's yucky cough (resp. infection) Daddy and Sam sat down to play with his Toy Story sticker book while I replied to some emails. Sam LOVES all things Toy Story and has recently fallen in love with stickers as well.

They were so cute together I couldn't help but just smile at my boys.

My whole morning attitude changed and the rest of the day was a little bit easier. Gotta love these little moments.
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Colton said...

Checking your blog is like being friends with those strangers that come pre-installed in new photo frames. You just think to yourself, "Nobody can possibly be that good looking and have all of their clothes and homes and activities in perfect condition all the time." It's pretty awesome. Please post pictures of your messy kitchen or laundry room, or unkempt garage. Wreck it if you have to. Thank you.

Just kidding...but seriously, I love your life!

Sabs said...

i despise mornings! glad someone else does too! next time you sneak a peek at sam bowing his head you should totally take a pic!!! hahaha i'm just imagining how adorable he would look!