Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Commercial Photography

I recently landed a job working as the director of photography for a marketing/printing company. When I was told there would be a lot of work immediately, I didn't take them very seriously.

About a week after things were finalized they sent me on a shoot down in LA and then put me in charge of a vending machine job that required photos for a brochure.

I guess I should listen to people when they say things :) I have been working constantly since I took on the projects.

Although stress has been higher, I am happy to be working. I am still able to be home with Sam which is the best thing I could ask for right now.

Its also very exciting to see my work being published. My images made it onto the cover of a magazine! So what if its not "National Geographic." Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps. :)
Gateway laptop. I am really happy with how this picture turned out. I had litterally 1 small light, a tripod and a white kitchen counter. Editing took me maybe 10 minutes. I am excited to say that I am not having to do a lot of after-shot processing.
Computer 046
The vending machine shoot was an experience in itself. These images are for a brochure to show companies what their machines have to offer. The hardest part was making foods like "Kraft Mac & Cheese" and "Dinty Moore Stew" look yummy. This was EASILY the hardest photo shoot I have ever been a part of.
Luckily during the "Cover" and "Epic" shot I had a little help. This image actually makes me cringe it was so difficult! (The hard part was impressing the "boss".)
1 001
Because of my work with the marketing firm, I have been able to branch out a bit with more commercial projects. I have done a few head shots for Doctors offices this week, and this one that is for an article about Jan Block (another boss of mine) who will be published in Encore magazine at the Paramount Theater.
small Jan Block 086
I am loving this side of the business! It sure is busy, but I am getting to meet a lot of people and learn a TON. It feels good to be a professional again :)


The Powells said...

That's AWESOME Holly - congratS! Don't you love working and doing something you LOVE while still being a stay at home Mom?

Colton said...

Good for you! I had no idea! Congratulations!

Alycia said...

So cool! Those pictures are all awesome! I can only imagine how hard that was to do...

Shannon Hunnex said...

that mac looks delish