Friday, February 18, 2011

Wings N Things

My Dads new band Wings N Things (a Paul McCartney tribute band) just landed a gig playing every Wednesday night at a restaurant in Issaquah called Field of Champions. The best part about this is that its family friendly so we don't have to find a sitter!

Sam LOVED watching "Bub" play and when he was handed a maraca by one of the band members he turned around to the audience and showed off his shaking skills.

Sam is seriously the biggest ham.
The 6th band member, Sammy.
Events 216
My dad, rockin' out.
Events 211
Ron. His whole life is pretty much rock and roll. I mean, his kids names are Ruby Tuesday and Jack Flash. How devoted (and awesome!) is that?
Events 114
Events 152
Sam dancing. Although I dont really know what his face is doing....
Events 142
Come out and join in the fun! Every Wednesday night at 7:30!

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