Sunday, January 23, 2011


Oh, how we love him.

Those dark eyes, his crazy hair and that perfect dimple.
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Samuel will be 21 months this week.

He has 11 teeth, 3 of which came in just last week.

His favorite things right now are climbing, running, wrestling, bubbles, stickers, dogs, baseballs, his tricycle, movies, (Toy Story or "Woody!" as he calls it, Nemo, Monsters Inc and Up) reading books, and of course, giraffes.

Sam has finally started to talk a little and can say Nemo, ice, please, more, daddy, mommy, Bub (grandpa), doggy, kitty, Woody, up, thank you, no, wheredit-go?, hi, and bye bye.

When he is naughty and getting into trouble he "shooshes" us with his finger at his lips when we scold him. Its pretty hard not to laugh.

He is the perfect little buddy. He loves to hold my hand when we go on walks or to the store and he is the greatest cuddler. Matt and I get hugs and kisses from him all day.

I take a lot of pride in being Sam's mom. He is everything we could have possibly wished for in a little boy. We like to joke that he used up all of the good genes. There may not be any left if we ever have another baby. :)

Sam is calm, handsome and athletic just like his daddy and a happy, silly show off just like his mommy!

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