Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Offer

Last night we made an offer on what we hope to be our new home. We looked around a little bit more at the surrounding houses and spaces, and we were still more impressed with "Lot #30" than any of the others.

We offered asking price (which is rare in a buyers market) but we included some requests. We asked for a refrigerator, washer and dryer and a fenced and seeded back yard. Matt isn't happy with the granite color or the electric stove that are already in the home, so we also requested that they be changed to the correct color, and gas. Chris will be turning in the offer today, and we should hear back from the seller by Saturday. We are really excited about the whole deal, and have a really good feeling that we will at least get everything that we need. (and hopefully everything that we want too!)

I had to include a picture of my favorite aspect of the house, even though from the picture you cant tell the size or quality of this tub. Mmm, I cant wait!


whitney said...

2 things. 1. i love your new home (ok, the two pictures i have seen of it) and i really hope you guys get it. i will be thinking of you guys! and 2. that freakin HUGE cat scares me. i mean, dont get me wrong, i love cats.... but thing looks like it would eat me. and it didnt like to be petted (in the animal way, not the "go talk to your bishop way")? ahhhh!

TheDillon6 said...

wowsers! Good luck!!! If they don't make the color change and the gas line, will you still go with it? I remember the offer being made on our Townhouse and how nervous and jumpy I was until we knew...and then it didn't calm down until we actually went to closing. After which I cried tears of joy all the way back to work!!! I don't think I let go of those keys until the next day!!!! :)

Colton said...

Okay, so which room is mine? All I know is that it had better be bigger than Brisbane's.