Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Boss's day

Dear Martha Stewart,
I saw the picture below and thought that I would give it a try. However, its impossible, and I think that you are a fraud. First off, there is nothing out there that can cut spaces as small as the ones on your "lace" pumpkins, and even if there was, there is no one in the world with the kind of patience it would take to make these. Second, when a pumpkin or gourd is cut into pieces like these, they become very weak and too soggy to touch.
As a graphic design artist, I know that there are ways to make a picture look more "amazing" than it really is. I believe that you did this.
So, if you don't want me to turn you in, give me all your secrets and money, and I will leave you alone forever.
Sincerely yours, Holly Aprecio.
Last night I learned that Martha Stewart was a liar while I was trying to mimic her designs for a gift for Boss's day. I only made it through 2 before I lost my interest, and wrist function.
I used "French Pumpkins" to cut up, so that is the funky grey color you see, and they are pretty small which was both good and bad. Good-Small area to cut. Bad-Hard to scoop out. I'll admit that they turned out pretty cool, but not anywhere near what I was going for. I scooped out all the seeds and caramelized them, and contrary to the pumpkin design, these came out really good. Very tasty. For Boss's day I inserted a candle and a bag of seeds inside the decorated pumpkin. Both boss's were very impressed with my carvings, but I purposely didn't show them Martha Stewart's masterpieces to compare them to.


TheDillon6 said...

love your letter! they certainly don't LOOK real, do they?! I'm sure the ones you made were beautiful! You're a perfectionist artist and you've got skills. :)

TheDillon6 said...

PS -- come down our way on your hunt for housing! It's a longer commute to work, but closer to those you love the MOSTEST! ;)

Stef said...

Great job, I agree how could anyone have that kind of patience! You did great, better than I could have even attempted!

Lindsey said...

hahahahaha!! I loved your letter!! Ohh you are too funny....someday Martha and I will have words aswell!! Great job on your pumpkins by the way. If I was your boss, I would give you a raise.

whitney said...

if i had a dime for every project of MARTHA'S that i have tried and has FAILED... i would be one rich girl. however, your pumpkins look amazing. great job! i love to see other people in the halloween spirit. i bet your boss' loved them. :)

Tim, Kat & Tyler said...

HOlly I hate you! You always look like you are having such fun adventures! So I am guessing you got a job since you said both bosses. Well I am glad for you. I miss hanging out! So we need to hang out and go on some crazy adventure K!!! I mean it, sorry I wasn't able to see you when I flew back to Sammamish, but I am coming out in January for Spencer's homecoming, we need to plan a date k! And you can meet Tim too! It will be loads of fun. Anyway I am going to stop. I am getting better at keeping my blog updated, check it out! :)