Monday, October 15, 2007

Multnomah Falls

This weekend Matt, Brett, Brisbane and I headed down to Portland to hike at Multnomah Falls. I found it on the internet, and I had to see it in person. It was a 3 hour drive from our place and we arrived just in time to make the hike before the sun went down. The falls themselves are right off of the freeway, but you can hike up to the bridge and/or up to the top of the cliff. We did both. Here is Matt and I on our way to the bridge....And of course Matt holding Briz up over the edge. I was a little nervous, and from the look on her face, she was too :) Matt and Brett each posed for this picture, and then a bunch of people copied us. I love being a trend setter!The hike was not very long, but it was straight up the whole way! This is the only time that it leveled out where the river met the trail, and we stopped here for a little bit for the dog to get a drink. The fall leaves were just starting to change, so it was the perfect time to hike this area.When we finally made it to the top, we were impressed with the view of the Colombia River, but there wasn't much we could see at the falls. We knew we were at the top of them, but it was falling under us so we couldn't see the water heading down to the crowd below. So, we headed back down (a much easier hike!) just as it was beginning to get dark. Please excuse my face, I don't wear make up when I hike ;)After the hike we drove into Portland and ate at a restaurant referred to us by Shannon and Tyler called Jake's Grill. They had really good steaks, and it was the best thing to eat after finishing a hike!


Stef said...

Pretty area! I want to get out and do some hiking too the only problem is the closest falls/hike area is like 6 hrs away. Ugh! Great pictures, and btw even without makeup your georgeous! Wish I looked that good without makeup!

Linda & Dave Browne said...

OK, now I'm REALLY homesick! We've hiked Multnomah Falls in the past, and visited them (but didn't hike)when we were out last June. You took some beautiful picutres and the changing leaves make them even prettier. And, I agree with Stef, you're gorgeous even without make-up! :-)

TheDillon6 said...

thanks for the invite, losers. ;)

It's beautiful! We'll have to put this on our list of "To Do" should we ever decide to move from the Great Northwest.

We miss you guys...hope you can come see us soon!!

Colton said...

Matt, I can actually see your teeth in two of these pictures. You must have lost your composure.

I am just sick about being in Tucson (a.k.a. Hell's Outhouse)...there isn't scenery like that for...well, I guess about 2000 miles. Jealous!

You guys are my idols (besides, like, Jesus and stuff). So pretty and happy and proficient at EVERYTHING. Go you!

Lindsey said...

Great Job on your little quest...and what are you talking about? You look like a princess without makeup on!!