Monday, October 01, 2007

Cougar Montain Zoo!

This weekend, after much begging, Matt and I went with some friends to the Cougar Mountain Zoo to see the new baby tigers. They are so cute! When we first got there, they were sleeping, but when we returned they were playing around sneaking up on each other with surprise attacks! I couldn't get any good pictures because 1, they wouldn't sit still and 2, my camera kept focusing on the bars. These are the best I could get.I love this zoo because its so small, not ever crowded, and only 3 minutes away from our home! I can go see the babies any time I want! :) I also fell in love with another resident. First off, this zoo has a bird walk where all the birds on on display. It is a really neat area, and the birds are always out so that you can see them. This is a picture of our friends Brett and Karrie talking with one of the Amazons.So, back to my romance. Here is Molu. He is a Moluccan Cockatoo, and it was love at first site! When we walked up he got all excited and reached out for me to touch him. See! How could I not resist such a request? He was also making the cutest "Oooh" sound. As most of you know, I'm a rebel and I have a HUGE soft spot for birds, so I ignored the "Don't touch me, I bite" signs, reached over the chain fence, and scratched his neck for him. He loved me too! Whenever I would stop touching him, he would reach out for me, and make his little sounds. Its a good thing this wasn't a pet store, because I would have brought him home, with or without Matt's approval. Its true.
A zookeeper walked up (not noticing my disobedience) and I asked her if she could bring Molu out of his cage. She explained to us that he was the meanest bird in the zoo, and that she feared him more than the baby tigers! She told us how he would trick people into thinking he was nice, and then take a bite of them when they fell for it. Well, when she walked up, he turned into a different bird, and started giving this lady evil looks. So it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't like him, because I could tell that he didn't like her either. He loved me! He had every opportunity to take off a finger, but he chose to "coo" and cuddle. Its true love, and nothing that that mean zookeeper lady says can change that!
Thank you to Matt for finally taking me to see the babies, and for putting up with my weird animal obsession.
Here, watch the kitties play!!


TheDillon6 said...

What Matty doesn't realize is that it would be easier (and safer) to say YES to a bird than to cute "baby" tigers! ;)

Stef said...

I love it! I wish we had a zoo that near to us! It's true too that birds (especially the larger kinds) don't like some people and love others. We had an african grey when i worked at petsmart and it was fine with me but as soon as our specialty manager came over he wanted nothing more to do with me, he LOVED her and he'd get mad at her anytime she was gone on vacation or just had a few days off. So I'll bet he could tell you were an animal person and he fell for you, but hey a sexy think like you, can you blame him? ;)